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4 Ways to Update Your Kitchen Without Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the hub for entertaining, which is why making sure it has a nice, open layout and stylish look is something we strive to do in every home we design. Since we’ve covered how to make your kitchen entertainment friendly, we thought it would be nice to also provide you with some quick, easy and affordable updates to achieve that stylish look and feel.


Good lighting is important to the overall ambiance and is a cost-effective and relatively simple way to make an improvement to your kitchen. There are different types of lighting that you should implement to assure you’re covering all the bases: task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. Each serves a different purpose so take the time to look into ways you can all of them and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.


Photo: Chameleon Design

Cabinetry Painted Darker Hues

Cabinets painted darker hues are on-trend at the moment and we’re fans because it can add great contrast to neutral colored walls and backsplashes. It’s also a fun way to make a quick change with a big impact to your kitchen by painting your cabinetry a dark color. If going for the trending dark moody colors isn’t your thing, painting the cabinetry a light color will also do the trick!

Photo: Chameleon Design

Upgrade the Hardware

The hardware might seem insignificant, but swapping it out with something fresh and different is one of the easiest ways to give your entire kitchen a makeover. Lately we’ve been loving gold, brass and copper which pop against dark cabinetry but also look great with white and other neutrals.


Photo: Lonny

Pops of Color

We love an all white kitchen as much as the next person, but adding a little personality with a pop of color can go a long way. Think about accent dishes and other decorative items and make sure you’re using these for personality and color. A ceramic fruit bowl in a beautiful blue or green glaze will pop on an all-white counter top. Also, adding fresh flowers or greenery will always give you a bright and cheerful feel.

Photo: Chameleon Design

Photo: Chameleon Design

Home Design Trends // Gray Wood

Gray has been popular in the design palette for quite some time, and for good reason. It goes perfectly with almost any color, bold or neutral. Adding gray to wood creates an extra dimension that we love. The added texture, mixed with the varying finishes, make this the perfect trend for any household.

Mills Bed, BDDW

Sawyer Grey Leaning Bookcase, Crate & Barrel

Reclaimed Wood Ash Bowls (Set of 3), Restoration Hardware

Patchwork Oxidized Maple Credenza in Blackened Steel Case, Kith & Kin

Grey and Beige Petrified Wood Slab Table, 1st Dibs

Designing a Large Wall

Designing model homes, we come across so many blank canvases in the form of large walls anxious for our design ideas. Some may look at them as a challenge, but our team gets excited to use tried and true techniques with a gorgeous flair.

Large Scale Art Piece

A large wall is your opportunity to make a big statement. Take a piece of art that speaks to you and make it life size! In this example, we put an image across the entire wall in the form of wallpaper. This is definitely a bold statement and could work well in a kid’s room or play room.


Photo: Chameleon Design

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have become quite popular over the past few years and for good reason! They are a beautiful way to show off a collection of photos and works of art. Use two or three in a straight line for a clean, modern feel or create a collaged gallery for a visually interesting and eclectic look that keeps the eye moving.

Photo: Chameleon Design

Built-in Shelving Unit

If you have a large, blank wall space, creating a built-in shelving unit can solve a lot of problems and add value to your home. Not only will it provide extra storage, which is great for just about any room in the home, but it’s also the perfect place to display décorative pieces, photos, plants or a treasured collection.

Photo: Chameleon Design

Add Mirrors

It’s a known fact that mirrors make rooms appear larger and will reflect light, making your room brighter and happier. Add some fun to your walls with a large statement mirror or arrange mirrors in a fun pattern. You’ll be surprised at the big effect this small step will have on the room!

Photo: Chameleon Design

Chameleon Design Featured Project: Waverly, Plan 2 // Ontario, CA

Waverly by Brookfield Homes in Ontario, CA offers the ideal community lifestyle for families. Plan 2 at New Haven is the perfect place for the family that loves to entertain and to be outdoors with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and a two-car garage. Designed with a palette of sage green, blush, soft coral, blues and mocha accents, all against soft neutrals, give it a vibrant feel. An open and inviting kitchen with flat panel gray wood cabinets and an anthropology eclectic style add an updated feel to the vintage furnishings, rustic pieces and soft colors. The light flooring creates an open and airy feel to the family-friendly space.

Dining Room


Kitchen Nook


Master Bath

Master Bedroom



Chameleon Design Featured Project: Waverly, Plan 1 // Ontario, CA

Waverly by Brookfield Homes is a beautiful collection of homes in Ontario, CA. New Haven offers a great lifestyle for its community members with parks and ample outdoor recreation space. Plan 1 has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths and the design is an updated farmhouse look. We went with a color palette of aqua, citron, white and linen to create a cohesive feel. With the beautiful downstairs wood floors, patio and open concept layout, how could you not love this house!



Kitchen Nook


Master Bath

Master Bedroom



Home Design Trends // Wire Decor

Accessorizing with metal wire work accents is sure to give any room a hint of industrial feel. We love it because there are so many different ways to incorporate it into your design style and it’s available in an array of colors so there’s something for every one and every home. Here are some of our favorite finds:

West Elm, Geometric Coffee Table

Pottery Barn, Porter Wire Accent Side Table

Target, Lisa T Indigo Wire Basket

Modernica, Copper Wire Chair

Incipit Lab, Tull – Metal Cage Ceiling Lamp

Incipit Lab, Tull – Metal Cage Ceiling Lamp

5 Ways to Add Style to Your Staircase

Commonly overlooked, the staircase has a visual presence that can completely change the look of a room. Its placement in a high traffic and high visibility area of the home allows it to make a statement if done correctly. So rather than see it as just a path from one level to the next, spruce up your staircase with these fun ideas:

Replace, Paint or Stain Your Balusters or Spindles

Painting spindles or balusters white will add more light to a dark staircase, while staining wood ones can give your staircase a more rustic feel. If you want to go towards modern style, adding modern horizontal spindles to a staircase can change the look completely.

Photo: Chameleon Design

Add a Runner

If you don’t have the time to do a full stair makeover, taking away full carpeting and adding a runner, or painting on a faux runner, is a great way to add depth to your staircase. This is also a great way to provide a pop of color!

Photo: Vogue Magazine

Wallpaper, Paint or Tile the Risers

Adding a pop of color to risers by using wallpaper, paint or tile will give your staircase a unique facelift that is sure to draw attention to it.

Photo: Camille Styles

Refinish or Repaint the Handrails

Handrails lose their sheen quickly because they are constantly being used. Making sure they are clean and shiny is an important part of a great looking staircase. If they are cracked or wearing, you can refinish, stain or repaint them in your desired shade. We personally love a contrasting dark wood handrail with white balusters!

Photo: Chameleon Design

Change the Newel Post

The newel post, or the end post on a staircase, is what shows the design style of the staircase. Making sure that this piece matches the rest of your style, or changing it and repainting can make the staircase look like it was remodeled in its entirety.

Photo: Utah Style and Design

Chameleon Design Featured Project: Aurora at Esencia, Plan 5 // Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Aurora by William Lyon Homes is a collection of five distinctive plans in Rancho Mission Viejo just inland from San Juan Capistrano. Plan 5 is a 3 bedroom/ 2.5 bath plan with an optional loft. We love the natural modern styling with industrial and rustic accents. The depth of the gray cabinetry and strong masculine furnishings contrast nicely with the natural European oak plank flooring. We continued to have some fun with high contrast and an overall monochromatic color palette: whites and warm dark elements. We love this look and want to move in! We hope you do too!


Great Room

Master Bedroom


How to Style Your Bed

Who doesn’t love the look of a perfectly styled bed? Beds that are clean and crisp with all the right tucks and folds can make any bedroom look great. The good news is that the look doesn’t need to be reserved for luxury hotels and professionally designed homes! With a few simple steps anyone can easily style a bed like a pro. Here are our tips for creating a bed worth dreaming about:

Invest in a Decent Set of Linens

The basis for any good bed is the linens. No matter how many pillows you top it with, if your bed’s duvet, sheets and pillowcases aren’t dreamy, you may as well stop there. The biggest misconception is that nice linens come with a hefty price tag, which is not so! You can find great sets at Bed, Bath and Beyond (check out their “Hotel Collection”) and companies like Parachute, who offer quality pieces at very affordable prices.

Style Your Comforter

Once you’ve got your linens the next step is putting everything together with style. When it comes to the comforter, there are 3 ways we like to arrange ours:

Partial Roll-Down:

The half way rolled down comforter gives you the option to display sheets or blankets that are typically hidden underneath. If you have patterned sheets or a patterned coverlet, this look will allow for a nice pop of color or texture. If you love the crisp white sheets, this is also a great way to show those off!

Photo: Chameleon Design

Full Roll-Down:

The full roll down, a hotel fave, is best in warmer months and really allows throw pillows and blankets to take center stage. The comforter provides a nice contrast for onlookers by making a band at the bottom of the bed.

Photo: Chameleon Design

Tightly Tucked:

The tightly tucked comforter gives a clean and crisp look, and will show off off a beautiful bed frame like the clean, modern looks that are popular now. This can also be done in combination with the other two styles to give a band of color contrast to the bed.

Photo: Chameleon Design

Pay Attention to the Pillows

Once you’ve got the comforter figured out, the pillows are the icing on the cake. If you skip this step you’ll be missing the easiest way to complete the look. Our favorite tricks with bed pillows are:

Create Tiers:

Arranging your pillows from largest in the back to the smallest in front will create an instantly styled look. We like to have at least three tiers with Euro sized pillows along the back, King, Queen or Standard pillows in the middle (these are the ones you’ll sleep on) and something decorative in the very front.

Photo: Chameleon Design

Go for Color,Texture and Pattern:

When choosing decorative pillows, make sure to use different textures and colors to add variety. If you have a back wall that serves as a focal point of the room, you will want to use simple linens and pillows so as not to overwhelm the room. You can’t go wrong with crisp, white bed linens, which give you a lot of room to get creative with your accent pillows. Select pillows made with fabrics that are different in texture and color from the other linens- this is key in completing the look of a truly styled bed!

Photo: Chameleon Design

Home Design Trends // Subway Tile

Subway tiles are by no means a new look, but they are enjoying a renaissance at the moment and have a timeless quality that won’t ever grow tired. They get their name from the tiles that were found on New York City subway stations in the 80’s. Their rectangular shape can be arranged in a variety of patterns and they come in many different colors and materials including marble, travertine and even glass. Their big appeal is not just their classic look, but their price tag as well, as they’re generally quite affordable and will go with most design styles. What’s not to love?

Photo: Design to Inspire

Photo: Tile Bar

Photo: Smitten Studios

Photo: Better Home & Garden