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Highlights. Trends. Insights. We’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know about interior design right here in one tidy space!

Elegant Embellishment

Don’t leave the saying “less is more” at the door. Inside the world of decor, you can have both by layering a simple aesthetic with rich embellishments. This year, it’s all about amplifying texture with touches like macrame, fringing, tufting, tassels and feathers. When tactfully executed, this style blends creativity and refinement to lend sophistication to any space.

A Handmade Touch

Textured details amplify any interior with personality and intrigue that forge an emotional connection. They contribute a handcrafted aesthetic that instantly invites warmth into a space. Whether a hand-woven tapestry or an intricate quilt, each crafted touch contributes a distinct sense of comfort. Such details give a space heart — its own distinctive recipe of wonder and excitement.

Custom Character

Textured details distinguish a room by making simple pieces feel custom-made. Layering materials and embellishments can help tie a look together with rustic wood elements, wall hangings, throws and rugs. Attention to detail is key in achieving a curated style that is elevated and harmonic. A collection of textures can be tailored to curate a sophisticated ambiance with its own special energy.

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Photo Credit: Chameleon Design

Photo Credit: Chameleon Design

Photo Credit: Chameleon Design

Photo Credit: Chameleon Design

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Harmonic Hues

Much like a glass of lemonade sipped by the pool, yellow evokes feelings of happiness, warmth and positivity that refresh its surroundings. It’s no wonder yellow is on the rise this season, playing a vibrant role in high-end decor by pairing elegance with a sense of decadence. Introduce blissful yellow hues in accessories, or make a bold statement by mixing bright shades with modern shapes and patterns. Keeping a constant color theme grounds the look while geometric shapes illuminate the space with balance, creativity and intrigue.

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A Green Slate

Brought to life by our team at Chameleon design, Citrus and Palm’s Sales Offices embrace a naturally soothing aesthetic, with luscious pops of coral and orange, and sea-inspired hues of turquoise and green. Rich with varied textures displayed by sculptural plant details, an array of correlating art pieces, textiles and dramatic light fixtures, the buyer is instantly transported to a tranquil seaside escape and a desert oasis all rolled into one.

Elegance is Evergreen

It’s human nature. We’re inherently captivated by the breathtaking wonder of the wild. From its succulent tones to its raw, invigorating textures, it’s no wonder this season seeks to breathe life into everyday spaces by harnessing natural beauty indoors.

Go Greener

Need a refresh? Try a lively pop of emerald or the elegance of sage to awaken the surrounding palate. It’s time to embrace the urge to go green, with sage as the new neutral, and emerald as its crisp, new accent.

Photo Credit: Murals Wallpaper

A Fresher Feel

When paired with nature’s harmonious hues, earthy, organic textures creating a captivating centerpiece, exuding natural charm and timeless sophistication. Bright botanicals? Yes, please. Bold statement fabrics? Even better. The rich textures of the season satiate our innate desire to coexist with nature, adding a powerful organic element to decor.

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Living Accents

The revitalizing touch of live greenery is springing up in luxury spaces everywhere, and the variety from which to choose from is in full bloom. From romantic florals to playful fiddle leaf figs, there is a unique foliage theme to enliven every design aesthetic. Add a living accent (or centerpiece) and it is an invitation to step inside for a breath of fresh air.


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Groundbreaking Accents

It’s no longer an “accent,” if it’s become cliché. Swap out tired accents for a coveted centerpiece with charming embellished floors. Eye-catching flooring creates matchless character and makes an unforgettable statement, whether through ornamented tiles, patterned hardwood, or suave geometric carpeting. This technique breathes opulence into any space, large or small, by captivating from the ground up. Try dabbling with this stunning style in spaces—such as a bathroom, foyer, mudroom, or even the kitchen—and go as big as suits your buyers’ fancy. The sky is truly the limit when it comes reawakening a space with the allure of chic, embellished floors.

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Project Highlight: Center House, Plan 3, Ontario, CA

Be in the Center of It All

Trumark Homes engaged Chameleon Design to create a vision of modern living at Center House, part of a master-planned community in Ontario catering to first-time buyers For a fresh take, we led with a color palette as crisp as citrus and as soothing as a Zen retreat. Grey-hued cabinets compliment stone-look tile in medium taupe to infuse this model home with natural beauty while refreshing punches of lime and yellow contrast wisely against a background of white and earthy hues. We even brought the outdoors in by adorning living spaces with wallpaper featuring picked-from-nature patterns.

Trend: Cemented in Time

Once reserved for driveways and walkways, concrete is right at home indoors, too. Sculptural home accessories hewn from concrete are making a weighty statement this year — and given their substance, this décor trend is sure to become cemented in time as a true modern classic. You’ll find that brutalist-inspired concrete pendant lights cast beautiful patterns while utilitarian concrete tables provide stable elegance. Plus, hardscapes are gaining bold new imprints as concrete castings are replacing marble and tile as trend-making choices for countertops and other surfaces. Even walls and flooring are getting a concrete makeover this year, providing a warm canvas for neutral furniture.

Shroom side table, CB2

Concrete Desk Set, Area Ware

Table lamp, West Elm

Concrete Hanging Planter, Target

Concrete Candle, Le Labo

Cement Taper Candle Holders, Burke Decor

Living the Van Life

You won’t find Shaggy or Scooby Doo in one of these rides, but those-in-the-know are converting vans into epic transports for road tripping or even — gasp! — tiny homes. And why not? You get to define life on your own terms and experience the freedom of the open road — all in approximately 50 efficient square feet. We had the opportunity to recraft an airstream for Great Parks Neighborhood and now we’re obsessed! (Can you say, “Yes, we van!”) Although van life is small in size, it’s big in design potential. From retrofitting a van with porthole windows to give it a nautical feel, to installing a rooftop solar system that gives them endless energy options, to planning a well-designed kitchen and bed, vanlifers are finding that they don’t have to compromise style to gain a home sweet (traveling) home.

Chameleon Design for Great Parks Neighborhood Share Stream

RV, Francois et Moi

Airstream, Lynne Knowlton

Cargo Van, The Vanual

School Bus, Trebventure

Chameleon Design

Trending: Arabian Nights Meet California Dreaming

Dubai may not be on your travel itinerary this year, but you can capture the romance of a thousand and one Arabian nights by capitalizing on the Arabesque trend. Far from antique or Old World, Arabesque lends itself to modern interpretation with bold décor, including occasional furniture and pendant lights embellished with intricately carved geometric designs in brass, copper, silver and nickel. Even fanciful wallpapers allow would-be world travelers to embrace florals, geometric designs and impassioned color palettes.

Natalia Barbour

Natalia Barbour


Natalia Barbour

U Design

Curb Appeal

Project Highlight: Reverie, Plan 3, Rancho Mission Viejo, CA

It’s not a dream! Chameleon Design worked with William Lyon Homes to bring Reverie to life for homeowners drawn to comfortable, spacious living in Rancho Mission Viejo. We were inspired by Reverie’s farmhouse architecture and carried the style indoors.  To curate the right lived-in vibe, we mixed elements from traditional farmhouse as well as coastal design – including distressed furniture, a soothing palette of earthy neutrals and washed-and-worn blues, and natural materials – to convey comfortable casualness.

Living Room

Dining Room

Front Entry



Bedroom details