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kids room with modern dresser

Timeless and Inviting: The Charm of Boho Design

At Chameleon Design, we adore the timeless charm of boho style, where maximalism, fringe, tassels, and earthy colors come together to create spaces that are warm and inviting. Boho design is all about texture, pattern, and color — offering a delightful contrast to the sleek minimalism that has dominated recent years.

There are two main types of boho design: classic and modern. Classic boho is vibrant and eclectic, rich with layers, textures, and fun colors. Modern boho, on the other hand, leans more toward neutral with earthy tones, focusing on minimalism while still embracing the boho spirit. Simply adding touches of boho style to the home can promote a carefree, relaxed aesthetic.

Boho design has a unique ability to make any space feel free-spirited and lively. Incorporating natural elements like jute, rattan, wood, and plants can infuse a home with whimsy. We’ve loved integrating these elements inside our models in places like Palm Desert and La Quinta to create spaces that feel worldly and inviting.

A great place to start is by pairing colors and patterns thoughtfully, and never shying away from textural, natural elements. Even small touches of boho design can transform a space, making it feel unique and full of character. Embrace the boho style to create a home that’s not only beautiful but also a true reflection of a relaxed, carefree lifestyle.

living room with yellow striped walls

Beyond the Lines: The Timeless Allure of Striped Design

At Chameleon Design, we are never one to shy away from the oh-so-skillful stripe. In the vibrant world of interior design, stripes reign supreme as a versatile and dynamic element. Whether adorning walls with painted details, enhancing spaces with wallpaper, or adding flair through accessories like throw blankets and rugs, stripes can serve as both foundation and accent. When a space needs an extra wow factor, adding in beautiful stripes is like magic—their visual impact is undeniable, instantly infusing rooms with personality, energy, and movement. Despite their boldness, stripes maintain a classic and clean aesthetic, effortlessly transitioning from traditional to contemporary settings. Opt for black and white stripes for a touch of glamour or inject vibrancy with colorful combinations, ideal for incorporating playfulness into kids’ rooms or bonus spaces. We like to lean into multi-colored stripes for a retro vibe, perfectly aligned with today’s current design trends. True to their playful nature, strategically placed vertical stripes create an illusion of height, while horizontal lines expand spaces, offering a clever design trick to elevate any room. With stripes, the possibilities are endless and promise to enliven and transform living spaces with flair and a touch of whimsy.

loft with natural light

Sunlit Serenity: Maximizing Natural Light in Interiors

Basking in the gentle glow of natural light effortlessly transforms living spaces into warm, inviting havens. Beyond its aesthetic allure, harnessing sunlight in interiors visually expands a room and cultivates an atmosphere that’s both welcoming and uplifting. Think of sliding doors as a versatile tool, be it in the master bedroom or the great room—that not only amplifies natural light, but forges a seamless connection to the outdoors, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. Mirrors, strategically positioned on walls, act as enchanting conduits for light, bouncing and reflecting it around the room, creating an illusion of space and adding brightness. Utilizing light tones and whites in a color scheme maximizes the benefits of natural light, contributing to an overall bright and airy ambiance. We like to complement this color choice with furniture that won’t absorb light excessively, and we often angle pieces towards the light source for optimal reflection. Glass, both as a material and design element, plays a pivotal role in maximizing light. Glass accessories and furnishings permit light to pass through effortlessly, adding sophistication while maintaining an open feel. Incorporating a polished finish flooring, like hardwood or stone, ensures every surface reflects the natural light, and contributes to a brighter and more welcoming space. These streamlined design strategies enhance an interior’s aesthetics and enrich daily living experiences, turning a home into a well-lit respite that exudes elegance and tranquility. Open those sliding doors, position mirrors just right, and let the sunshine illuminate every corner—because every home deserves a daily dose of nature’s brilliance.

Beyond the Nightstand: Creative Bedside Arrangements

The classic combination of dual nightstands, thoughtfully chosen accessories, and the beloved table lamp has long been the universal standard for bedside arrangements. It’s a delightful choice. However, at times, we relish the opportunity to step outside the box, leaving buyers pleasantly surprised. Adequate lighting remains paramount, so we often opt for pendant lights gracefully suspended above the nightstands or introduce a sleek floor lamp strategically placed before a mirror. The result is nothing short of captivating—a stylish focal point that demands attention. Occasionally, we take the unconventional route by forgoing the nightstand on one side, replacing it with a pendant light and charming wall-mounted floating shelves or cubes. This innovative twist adds a touch of uniqueness and aids in saving valuable floor space—a win-win scenario. Embracing change and introducing distinctive elements not only serves to inspire potential buyers but also opens doors to creating the illusion of more space.

living room with blue couch and round coffee table

Bold Walls, Bold Statements

Welcome to a world where walls aren’t mere boundaries, but captivating canvases of creativity that redefine spaces with a symphony of color, texture, and contrast. These walls are more than accents; they are storytellers that infuse charm and style into every nook. Creating a feature wall is an art, and the possibilities are endless.

Exposed brick is both rich and rugged; a portrayal of history and modernity entwined. Its tactile allure and earthy palette create an ambiance that’s simultaneously cozy and sophisticated. Similarly, stone creates an enchanted, rustic feel and adds a bit of natural whimsy and life to a space—more so than a traditionally painted wall.

Wood paneling on a feature wall is another material that creates a showstopping effect, as it opens the door to being creative with shapes and color. Shiplap, board and batten, and tongue and groove paneling are some of our personal favorites, and when combined with wallpaper in small sections, they produce a perfect harmony that adds elegance without overwhelming the senses.

On the more playful side of feature walls, chalkboard paint across a playroom wall adds creative flair to a homework spot. Doodles, drawings, and dreams come to life, turning a simple wall into an interactive canvas of imagination. With bold feature walls, a space becomes a unique and personal masterpiece.

large bedroom with blue velvet bed

Patterned Accent Flooring for Impactful Spaces

When it comes to creating an attention-grabbing interior design, floors have the power to transform a space entirely. Incorporating a unique and textural pattern in the form of carpet or tile can instantly turn a space into a showstopper. While accent walls have their place, utilizing the foot space as an eye-catcher adds a fresh twist to a room that may otherwise be neutral. One approach we adore is pairing a patterned floor with a lightly patterned accent wall—just as long as the colors remain relatively neutral and complementary. This combination creates an intriguing and textural environment that is visually captivating. In smaller spaces, bold and high-contrast patterns on the floor work exceptionally well, making a strong statement. In larger rooms, opting for smaller or more subtle overall floor patterns adds elegance while maintaining an element of intrigue. Exploring the impact of pattern and texture in the form of accent flooring will always result in an unforgettable and stylish interior.

bright living room with angular coffee table

Coffee Table Chic

When it comes to coffee table decor, a proper arrangement can transform it into the captivating centerpiece of a living room, showcasing unique and eye-catching accessories. Key elements to consider are balance, height, scale, and variety—with a less-is-more approach. Keeping objects around the same scale while visually balancing items of varying thickness or size is essential. To create visual interest, varying the levels of different objects is recommended, ensuring they won’t obstruct the line of sight. An effective technique is to place a few coffee books on the table, topped with decorative objects to add height. A chic tray is often incorporated and serves both aesthetic and functional purposes – it also enhances the overall appeal, while keeping items contained and easily movable when necessary. By following these guidelines, the coffee table can become a stylish focal point that elevates the overall design of the living room.

modern orange kitchen with waterfall island

Waterfall Island: The Ultimate Kitchen Showstopper

When it comes to creating a visually stunning kitchen design, a waterfall island is a feature that’s sure to wow. This design element involves extending the countertop over the side of the island, creating a waterfall-like effect that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Not only does it provide a smooth transition of finishes, but it also shows off the look of the countertop from multiple angles throughout the home. With no overhangs or terminating edges, it’s a child-friendly option, too. It’s also a great way to create a strong focal point in the kitchen, as the island is often one of the largest features in the space as well as being a social hub. A waterfall island’s sleek and elegant look is the perfect addition to any modern or open-concept kitchen design.

modern orange kitchen with waterfall island

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white waterfall island

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marble waterfall island with three barstools

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large kitchen with white island

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modern neutral kitchen with gray island

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contemporary white kitchen with large island

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large gray waterfall island

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modern waterfall island in large kitchen

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modern kitchen with white waterfall island

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bright great room with gray island

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wooden cabinetry and marble waterfall island

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Let There Be Light: The Power of Chandeliers

When it comes to dramatic focal points in a space, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful chandelier, which one might consider “jewelry for the home.” From the dining room to your primary suite, a chandelier acts as an extension of the space, providing a wow-factor that exudes style, function, and glamour.

Chandeliers offer an exciting departure from traditional flush, track, or recessed lights, adding grandeur to a room’s design. Though we love putting them in classic places—like the dining room or over a kitchen island—these fixtures are also a delightful addition to more unexpected spaces. Particularly alongside high ceilings, a towering chandelier can really bring a “wow” to the lips of whoever walks into the room, while drawing the eyes upwards. These fixtures can make any space feel special and elegant, from mini versions above the nightstands in the secondary bedroom to an ornamental piece in a nursery.

When incorporating a chandelier, it’s important to consider the room and its aesthetic. For example, with modern furniture, a fixture with a sleeker design will complement the décor of the room instead of competing with it. The size of a chandelier is another important consideration. A chandelier that is too small can become lost in a room, while one that is too big can overpower your furnishings. At the moment, sculptural light fixtures are all the rage, and with the ever-increasing love of natural materials, beachy rattan fixtures and beaded chandeliers have really stolen the show.

a dining room with a circular chandelier

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a bedroom with a unique, linear chandelier

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ringed chandelier in an entryway

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a rattan chandelier hangs in an airy bedroom

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eye-catching chandelier in spacious kitchen

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a bedroom with chandeliers above nightstands

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chandelier with protruding lights in great room

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a bedroom with a fenced chandelier

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a colorful bedroom with a caged chandelier

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candle chandelier in great room

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aged chandelier in a colorful sitting room

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a fenced chandelier in a soft bedroom

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chandelier with circular lights in large bedroom

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a dining room with a long chandelier

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breakfast nook with bench and circular table

Stylish and Practical: The Power of Benches

When it comes to versatile and stylish additions to a space, benches are the real MVPs. These small, but mighty pieces serve multiple functions and can be utilized almost anywhere in a home. From mudrooms and entryways to bedrooms and dining rooms, a bench is a great way to add both style and function to a space.

In transitional spaces like mudrooms and drop zones, a bench is a great way to add extra storage and seating, while also amplifying the overall aesthetic. An entryway bench has a similar effect, offering a spot for a homeowner to drop off belongings or take off their shoes as soon as they walk in the door. For larger spaces, adding a bench at the end of a bed is a great way to tie the room together and add personality. When it comes to dining rooms, a bench can offer ample seating and a unique touch to the space. We love the idea of mixing a bench with an array of chairs or creating a charming breakfast nook with a bench as the centerpiece.

In addition to providing extra seating, benches with built-in storage help make the most of a smaller space. So, whether the end goal is extra storage, seating, or just to add a unique furnishing, we consider this versatile piece of furniture a valuable asset in just about every design.