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living room with modern furniture

The Timeless Texture of Fluting

Fluting is a surface decoration technique that has historically been used in ancient architecture; however, it has increasingly been showing up in modern interior design, and we happen to love it! This design element features a series of convex grooves that cover the surface of a material and produce a ribbed texture. Fluting can be used on a variety of materials, making it a great addition in almost any form. It’s most commonly seen on hard surfaces like metal, glass, or wood and is applied to furniture like side tables, media consoles, credenzas, and dressers. Fluted finishes add a beautiful pop of drama and make the furnishings that they adorn the main event.

At Chameleon, we utilize this technique in small, tasteful touches since too much fluting in a space can be visually overwhelming and appear overdone when applied to more than a few elements. We like to incorporate fluting via the woven texture of a throw pillow or even with a stylish leather pouf. Fluting makes a piece inviting to the touch, and with the rise of textural trends, it is a timeless interior design element that can be used in both contemporary and traditional schemes.

blue bedroom with green abstract curtatins

An Ode to Organic Textures and Textiles

Organic interior design is nature-inspired and blends mid-century modern or Boho-style with the concept of using natural materials. This design theme uses different representations of nature’s colors, textures, and whimsical beauty to create showstopping interior palettes. But we want to focus specifically on the fabrics and textiles that help create inviting, globally-inspired spaces—like fringe, crochet, tassels, and macrame. When applied to pillows, curtains, and throw rugs—either singularly or in combination—an engaging, layered look is achieved. Natural materials like leather, cotton, wool, flax, bamboo, and jute mix well with wood and stone elements to create beautifully organic aesthetics that soothe the senses. We absolutely love the extra level of texture and playfulness these pieces add to a space. A tasseled throw blanket strewn across a bed, or woven baskets of different heights sequestered in a corner add an unparalleled level of depth and dimensionality. These textiles come across as earthy and cozy, particularly when used in tasteful, neutral shades. Utilizing natural textures and organic textiles is a great way to elevate a space that looks cold and uninviting to one that feels just like home.

colorful seating area with art and vibrant wallpaper

The Secrets of Open Shelving

We’re loving open shelving as a functional design element in minimalist interiors. This trend has grown in popularity in recent months, and it’s easy to see why. Mounted wall shelves, stand-alone multi-tier bookcases, and built-in shelving add personality and modern style to any space. We aim to highlight opportunities future residents have to showcase their own, personalized aesthetic, and these decor elements do just that. The units encourage the tasteful display of each homebuyer’s favorite trinkets and provide easy access to frequently used items. A great, dimensional application is a built-in bookshelf that frames a fireplace or wallpaper feature wall. Shelves help to balance and frame a wall, while also providing space to display coveted accessories like art, sculptures, plants, and vases. This customizable element complements a variety of design styles and has the ability to set the tone for a room’s spatial aesthetic.

colorful living room, green sofa, decorative house plants, colorful rug, blue and green lounge area

Hop On the Velvet Love Train

At Chameleon Design, we have a longstanding love for velvet fabric. It’s one of those comfortingly cozy, textural elements that can be used in design styles ranging from modern, to bohemian, and even minimalistic. This dramatic material is often underused and can be seen as heavy and overwhelming, but when incorporated in the right ways, velvet becomes the grounding focal point of any room. While it looks chic and subtle in a neutral hue, it vividly transforms the vibe when chosen in bold, bright colors like vibrant green, cobalt blue, turquoise, or burnt orange. Some of our models with the most vibrant color schemes incorporate an ottoman, sofa, or accent chair in a crushed velvet fabric, and the elegance it adds to each space is unmatched. If we only want to incorporate a small touch of velvet, we tend to do this in the form of throw pillows, alongside pillows in other materials for a fun mix of textures. It’s a delicate balance, but working with this popular fabric is well worth the effort when you see the luxurious results.

white lips 3D wall art, white bedding with yellow, orange, and blue pillows, wood and white painted bedside table, yellow table lamp, potted plant in bedroom, The QUE

Go Sculptural with Dimensional Art

For many, wall décor is viewed as somewhat of a design afterthought. Here at Chameleon, we flip that idea on its head and turn the wall art into the star of the show. That’s the intention of 3D wall decor– it immediately catches the eye and creates a memorable impression. Dimensional art makes a wall come alive with texture and movement, and adds an element of playfulness and charm. It’s unexpected and super fun to integrate into our clients’ model homes and sales offices. We like getting creative with it to tie together a room’s theme, era, or color palette. A playful lip-shaped art piece, a succulent wall, and an assortment of sun hats are only a few of the delightful objects we’ve used to make walls pop-pop-pop. One caveat we keep in mind when utilizing this design feature- keep nearby elements simple to avoid an overcrowded look. When done right, dimensional wall decor offers endless possibilities to liven up any room. It’s the perfect excuse to really let creativity shine and stray away from the expected!

cream sofa with yellow and cerulean blue pillows in living room Indigo

Pillow Talk

Never underestimate the power of a throw pillow to pack a serious design punch in your model homes. We’re all about creating BIG moments in rooms using small accents that add personality. Throw pillows accomplish this in spades because they deliver comfort, texture, and color in equal measure. They can take any living room, bedroom, or even a hallway to the next level. Pillows can elevate an otherwise neutral sofa – we especially enjoy layering several for intrigue (plus, who doesn’t like that cozy feeling of lounging in pillows!). For our clients’ projects, we love mixing pillow patterns, textures, and sizes while threading in the room’s theme or palette to unify the design. Don’t forget your patio or deck area — throw pillows in UV and water-resistant fabrics will help create the outdoor living vibe that’s so popular right now. An especially playful way to “speak” to homebuyers is by incorporating pillows with fun words, phrases, and graphics. It’s all about creating opportunities for buyers to see themselves in the homes and adding those special touches that stick with them even after they walk out the door.

workstation with white desks and orange accents Terracina

Creating Cozy Corners

Play up your home’s nooks and crannies because before you know it, you just might create your new go-to comfort spot. Corners in a home tend to get neglected because people are afraid of creating a cluttered look or don’t know how to style them. When done right, a corner can become a room’s focal point, a productivity spot, or even a mini retreat. To enjoy a quiet moment, all you need is a corner near a window, task lighting, an upholstered chair, and an ottoman to kick up your feet. Transform a small niche into a mini library or workstation with a built-in cabinet and shelves. In the bedroom, create a charming refuge with just a chaise lounge and side table. Sometimes a corner is all you’ve got for a laundry room — make the most of it with a stackable washer and dryer, shelving system and plenty of storage baskets. Don’t forget to make the open-air corners a little cozier too! Tuck a little hideaway in your outdoor space. Even the smallest of patios can accommodate a compact table, chairs, and potted plants to create a little slice of al fresco heaven. It’s your home, so make every inch of space count.
wet bar with marble slab feature wall PGA West

Drink to That: Beautiful Home Bars

Live every hour like it’s happy hour in these inspiring spaces made for relaxing and socializing at home. At a time when there’s still uncertainty about nights out on the town, many households are interested in creating dedicated spaces for unwinding at home. The home bar is making a comeback, much to the delight of cocktail lovers and wine enthusiasts. But homebuyers don’t have to be connoisseurs or aficionados to enjoy this trend — a little evening escape is a wonderful way for anyone to enjoy their new home.

Plus, bar spaces are versatile and can be created almost anywhere! Set the scene in an alcove, loft or den with open shelving or glass-front cabinets to show off wares. A simple under-counter bar cooler keeps all the best beverages chilled for the family. With the addition of a wine fridge, either in the kitchen or in the living room, all the prized bottles can be kept at the perfect temperature. Take the good times outside with a space-saving bar cart for a refreshing drink alfresco. But beware — these inviting spaces will make you want to end the workday a little early, which is fine by us. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

entryway with black paneling

Enchanting Entryways

We’ve crossed the threshold into the new year. While there’s lots of chatter about the colors of the year, we thought we’d dive into the importance of setting the tone for a home’s style in 2022. January is the first month of the year and, like an entryway, a kind of first impression that sets the expectation of what’s to come. A well-styled entryway should make people curious about what other design delights they’ll find moving into the rest of the home. And because it’s an area of the home that sees a lot of use, incorporating practical elements is key. We like to think of an entryway as a functional space with flair, as a place to hang the proverbial hat (and coats) and to keep shoes stowed — all while showing off the unique character of the home and its owners. Entryways are typically smaller than the average room, so every design feature is important due to the limited footprint. Maximize the space by adding bench seating with storage, and of course, some wall hooks and a few baskets for personal items. Style a console table with greenery, a candle or two and a display bowl for keys. Let the walls do the talking with painted paneling, shiplap, or bold wallpaper. Mirrors also work wonders because they reflect light and provide a quick pit stop to check hair and makeup on the way out the door. To make a dramatic impression, opt for gallery white walls layered with a piece of large-scale art. As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression, and a smart model home entryway will always entice home buyers to want to see more.

blue and orange bedroom

Lovely layers

Much like we add layers of clothing to stay warm during fall and winter (and add a touch of the unexpected), layering in the home brings rooms to life. Just like you would throw on a scarf, wrap, or earrings to style an outfit, layering in interiors is an expression of character and personality. Without them, a room can look dull and flat, so it’s time to say goodbye to rooms that don’t inspire! Layering sounds more complicated than it really is, but the idea is simple. Think of a room’s major visual elements — flooring, walls, furniture, and artwork are some examples of layers that should all work together. It’s about thoughtfully selecting individual pieces that make a statement on their own while forming a cohesive look. For instance, color can be its own impactful layer and a jumping-off point for other elements that complement or contrast. Layering prints work well when the same color scheme is used in various scales. Adding in artwork infuses a space with dimension and personality. A gallery wall of abstract pieces or large-scale photography is a great way to achieve this. To further catch the eye, group décor pieces of varying heights and sizes together. Or simply throw a textural area rug on the floor for a pop of color or contrast. Layering is a cornerstone of well-styled interiors, and we love using this technique to create unique and distinctive spaces for our clients!