Design Insight

The First Steps Inside A Model Home

Chameleon Design has a design philosophy which is built upon three key experiences we want people to have when they enter a home.  Those first few steps are so important and we work hard to make sure those impressions are good ones!  The key experiences that we believe can virtually guarantee a good first impression are:

Excite the senses
The home needs to be visually exciting of course, but there are other senses to consider as well.  A nice scent is an easy way to immediately give a good impression that the home they just entered feels nice and welcoming.  Hearing a calming sound such as running water is also pleasant and can easily be accomplished with a water element in front of the house near the front door.

Consistency in Design
People like to experience consistency in home design.  This is especially important when designing model homes, as many people will walk through the plan and they won’t be interested in buying if they don’t get a good feeling.  The flow is instrumental and considered throughout the design process. One of the first things we consider is what is happening with the style of the home before the décor.  If the home is a Cape Cod style build, we want to reflect that in the décor so there’s continuity with the structure. Once we get the style direction down, we make sure that same design concept is seen from room to room.  For example, we’ll  materials used in the kitchen for the bathrooms.  A slight variation, such a brighter colors in the kids room, will still work if you make sure to naturally tie it in to the overall style of the home. The consistency is the main thing people love about model homes and they often say they wish their own home looked that way!

The Living Room, Family Room, Kitchen and Master Bedroom all reflect the same design concept at a West Grove model in Anaheim.  Source: Chameleon Design

Clever Solutions
Every home has a different layout, and we’re always thinking about clever solutions in space planning and furniture arrangement.  It’s important to really get those down, as they make a huge difference in the look and feel of the home.  If architecturally, there’s an oddity to a room, the way we design the furniture arrangement compensates for that and it can go unnoticed. The architecture plans for the models we work with are done and approved before we even get involved in the project. So we have no choice but to make the most of it, and we know that many problems can be solved with furniture placement.

This layout is a clever furniture solution to a very narrow room.  To expand the seating we did a sectional with a bench at the dining table. Source: The Row by Chameleon Design

Where To Fake It & Where To Make It

Over the years, we’ve been given budgets of every shape and size. And one thing we’ve learned is that that no matter how big your budget is to begin with, if you’re not savvy about your purchases, you’ll always end up going over the limit of what you want to spend. We have become expert innovators in this area and have learned where to cut corners and still get the look you want in the end.  It may take a little more time and effort, but the big impact on your budget makes it time well spent.

If you want to reduce your overall budget, take it line by line and see where you can make adjustments through researching potential alternative options. Flooring is a big area where you can cut costs without compromising the look you’re trying to achieve. There’s a huge variance in prices here, as there are a ton of options. Solid wood planks, engineered wood planks and vinyl planks to name a few, and the cost difference in these materials is extraordinary. Bedding is another element that you can easily find yourself spending thousands on if you’re not careful. If you go to a store like Bloomingdale’s, you’ll spend a pretty penny. Try Target or Home Goods as an alternative for good quality sheets. You can always mix and match, buying less expensive sheets and splurging on pillows, for example. Integrating high and low price points will save you money too as long as you’re smart about it.

These porcelein tile and cesar stone counters are a stricking combination and both are affordably priced.

Want a brick wall? This product comes in panels, looks like the real thing and is a quarter of the price of split face brick! Plus installation is a snap.

You do need the higher price point items sometimes to get the look you need.  Just determine the must haves and then mix with high and low.  Remember that you can always upgrade things over the years.  Over time, you’ll end up with the nice quality pieces as you may slowly phase out the rest.

This pendant chandelier packs a punch and it's only $162.25!

This oversized ruler growth chart is a clever way of detailing a space and it's only $69.95.

Hallways & Transition Spaces

Hallways and foyers are important in home design and decor because that can make or break the flow of the home.  It’s important to maximize these areas so that homeowners and guests feel comfortable in the home.  Hallways or corridors are supposed to deliver people through your home, and each hallway should be an experience rather than a tunnel. We have some designer tricks up our sleeves that we often refer to when working with these spaces.

If your hallway is at the entrance of your home, entrance of a stairway or leads directly into another room, be careful not to overcrowd the walkway. Consider using furnishings that ‘hug’ the wall, such as narrow tables, rather than pieces that protrude into valuable walking area. Also utilize vertical wall space for decorative mirrors, artwork and wall lighting sconces. This way you add decorative touches visually but don’t overcrowd the walking area.

If your hallway leads to awkward intersections of adjoining rooms, stairs and entry ways, be mindful of traffic patterns when decorating. If the hallway is narrow, opt for decor on the walls instead of the floor. Another good trick is the use of details such as wainscoting, which help to bring in more presence to the space without taking up a lot of room.

Adding Texture With Patterned Floors

Adding pattern is a great way to liven up a home, and doing so isn’t always relegated to wallpaper and fabrics. Patterned floors are a design element often overlooked in home decor. Neutral appearances or hard-wearing materials are usually the top considerations when selecting flooring, but implementing pattern into the design of your floors could be just the right move.

Whether painted, tiled, or inlaid, patterned floors are a unique way to create the perfect mix of a modern, warm, and eclectic style. It can be a gorgeous way to give an otherwise simple room some personality and texture, and the options are endless. We’ve selected a few of our favorite examples to give you a little interior inspiration:

Photo: egueyseta.com

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: studioone-off.com

The Modern Bath

A bathroom is more than a room of necessity. It should be beautiful, as well as efficient and easy to clean. Modern bathrooms are distinguished by clean lines, simple geometric fixtures, and sleek surfaces. This forward-thinking style has emerged as a popular trend and it’s not going anywhere! It can be adapted to your distinct taste by mixing classic design principles with modern features for a transitional look. Or you can go for an all out modern/minimalist look by combining geometric shapes, glass, metal, and even concrete surfaces.

Something to keep in mind is that a lack of contrast will always give you a fresh and airy feeling, which many people favor for a bathroom. Sleek, white on white, Scandinavian design is a style that we love and it keeps us coming back for more. It’s modern and clean and but an an addition of wood can add warmth and the use of paint, tile, concrete and other stone products can add depth.  Whatever type of modern style appeals to you,  and no matter your space and budget size, your dream bath can be achieved with good design and thoughtful planning. Here are some of our favorite bathrooms that showcase the best of modern design:

Photo: Marmol Radziner

Photo: Marmol Radziner

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Elle Decor

Photo: Elle Decor

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

A New Spin on Staircases

If you are lucky enough to have a multilevel home, the staircase is a central part of traffic flow from the main floor living spaces to bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.  Staircases are fast becoming a priority for architects and developers, seeing the potential to add that “wow factor” to a home, be it a new design or a renovation project.  I am really attracted to the open staircases that I’m seeing a lot more of these days. The trend for light and spacious, open-plan interiors has led to a new trend in staircases with the more open look. They have such a major impact on the space, and a more open look creates an airy feeling, which is exactly what we’re all loving in residential design right now!

I also really like that this idea seems to work in a variety of different styles.   Modern is perhaps most common, but the style can work with anything, even Mediterranean!  Here are some photos that illustrate this cool look:

Photo: Quezada Architecture

Photo: Quezada Architecture

Photo: Urban Front

Photo: Urban Front

Photo: Pine Street Carpenters

Photo: Pine Street Carpenters

Photo: LineBox Studio

Photo: LineBox Studio

Photo: Rockefeller Partners Architects

Photo: Rockefeller Partners Architects

Luxury Upgrades: The Kitchen

The kitchen is the other obvious place to spend your upgrade dollars, yet tackling a kitchen renovation can feel overwhelming with the wide array of choices available. We’ve helped narrow down the options to some of our favorite kitchen innovations today, some of which are quite pricey, others less expensive, but all of which are great investments for your kitchen’s future.

Granite is the most standard kitchen counter top we see and still very much in style, though some buyers are upgrading that to quartz. If you don’t have a back splash, consider taking your tile up the walls. Pretty kitchen back splashes are both popular and chic, but simple is better.  Clean color blocking is commonly favored over fancy tile work now. For cabinets, medium wood tones are the most popular right now, with darker stains coming in second and white being a close third.  Open shelving is also a big trend that we’re seeing a lot of and using ourselves.

Some useful updates that will make your life easier are pullout shelving, tip-out shelves by the sinks, and concealed pullout garbage and recycling containers.  Though cabinet exteriors are usually the main attraction in any kitchen, it’s well worth it to invest in their insides too. We recommend soft-close doors and drawers. They’re great because drawers don’t bounce back when you close them, and there’s no more slamming of cabinet doors. And don’t forget the appliances. You’ll be making a smart investment if you choose to purchase more luxe models.

Overall, look for ways to make your home special. These days, with resale competition fierce, it’s smart to plan ahead and upgrade wisely in ways that will make your home stand out.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.02.21 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.02.38 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.01.41 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.01.04 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.02.59 PM

The Great Room

Open and airy space is one thing homeowners can’t get enough of these days.  Smaller rooms can make a home feel broken up and cluttered, and tight spaces tend to send everyone to different areas of the house. Families today are quite busy and it’s not easy for everyone to be together all at one time, which is why great rooms have become so popular.

The great room is essentially an all-purpose room for the home. Most great rooms consist of the kitchen, living or family room, dining area and sometimes a computer or workstation area. It’s the room where the homework is done, the dinner is cooked, and the family can eat, entertain and enjoy different activities all while

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being in the same room!  This concept has become so popular that its beginning to replace the family room in many new homes.  Being that it functions as several or more traditional room spaces wrapped into one unified space, we’re not surprised!

 Photo: Chameleon Design
Photo:Chameleon Design
Photo:Chameleon Design

Updating Your Fireplace

The moment it’s lit, a fireplace becomes the glowing centerpiece of any room.  They provide warmth and a focal point that draws family and guests naturally.   Over the years fireplaces have gone from strictly utilitarian to completely modern and unique in their design and their function. From fireplaces that are portable to architectural features that demand a second look when you enter the room, they’ve  transformed how we decorate our interiors. If you’re considering a new face for your existing fireplace or thinking about going for new look completely, take a look at these varieties that will have you scratching your head as to which one to decide on!

 Chameleon Design’s Orange County Dream Home

Update your fireplace with modern tiles:

Photo: JohnLumArchitecture.com
Photo: Houzz.com
Create an architectural centerpiece:
Photo: CaliforniaHomeDesign.com
Don’t disturb your minimalist decor:
Photo: ArchitecturalDigest.com
Create a fireplace that blends in seamlessly:
Photo: ArchitecturalDigest.com
Photo: LonnyMag.com

Technology at Home

In this day and age, we’re welcoming new innovations in technology into our lives everyday. As interior designers that means we have an endless array of new elements that we’re able to integrate into the design of a home. This design movement grows from the

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integral role technology now plays in our lives and the majority of American homes, and it makes our lives easier, which makes us happy.

Chameleon Design has become pros at the blending of technology into the overall design of a room to create functional, stylish and unique environments that work well and look great. From lighting panels with computerized systems that control all the lighting in a home, to entertainment systems that rival the local movie theater, we’re embracing all of it!

This system controls the lights, the thermostats and the whole-house audio system.