blue barn door to guest room

Practical Beauty: Barn Doors

The charm of barn doors extends beyond utility; they are artful expressions that seamlessly integrate practicality with artistic charisma. These sought-after home features redefine door dynamics with sliding ingenuity, saving space while imparting privacy without bulk. The magic lies in their duality—practical barriers that maintain an open feel, perfect for home offices that demand focus without isolation. When selecting a barn door, material matters. Solid wood exudes timeless elegance, while painted options add a bold splash of color. Matching the door’s design to the surrounding accents adds a cohesive touch that transforms any space into a gallery of unity. Barn doors are more than entryways; they’re portals of innovation that breathe life into each transition.

colorful primary bedroom with abstract art

Barbiecore Style | Making a Dreamhouse a Reality

Who doesn’t love bright hues, feminine details, and plenty of pink? This is the core of “Barbiecore” style, a trend we’re seeing more in 2023, as interiors reflect the recent popularity surrounding all things Barbie. While we don’t directly model our spaces after Barbie herself, her ever-popular sense of style focuses on accessories, bright pops of color, and femininity—which is something we can’t help but be inspired by. We incorporate this style from time to time when we’re designing interiors that spark interest and joy in homebuyers. After all, every homebuyer wants a dream house! Aside from a colorful interior, channeling the iconic 80s is also a big part of this trend. A retro accent or pattern here and there emphasizes the vibrant style and makes the home that much more enticing. Barbiecore is all about creating a fun, fearless, and bold interior that creates a sense of wonder.

dining room with woven wood dining chairs

Elevate with Wicker and Woven Furniture

Elevate the ambiance of any space with wicker furniture and accessories. Wicker describes any type of woven furniture and is often made with natural materials like rattan, cane, or natural rope. Rattan is a beautiful material used for wicker furniture that is similar to bamboo and is a popular choice for large furniture like coffee tables or accent chairs. It pairs well with soft textiles and creates a casual yet stylish vibe. Cane is another material often used in woven furniture, and it is ideal for thin accents, like the back of a dining chair. This trend brings a relaxed, natural beauty to a bed frame or light shade. When styling with cane, adding dark brown or black accents creates a high-contrast scene. Utilizing rope as a material, in the form of an accent table or area rug, can effectively add a beachy and textural feel to any space. Whether the furnished space is a patio, living room, or dining area, wicker works wonders in any setting, complementing coastal, modern farmhouse, and modern design schemes.

great room with blue accent wall

Dive Into Cobalt Blue

Adding a splash of color to a room is a surefire way to take its design to the next level. For anyone looking for a color that’s both calming and bold, then cobalt blue is the go-to. This hue packs a punch while still managing to soothe the senses, making it a winner in our book. Plus, all the varying shades of cobalt are simply mesmerizing. Let’s not forget about the complementary colors that really make this shade pop. Pairing cobalt blue with hints of orange and light brown creates an eye-catching combo that’s sure to impress. To really amp up the sophistication factor, we like to pair cobalt with gold finishes and wooden furnishings. When it comes to incorporating this color into textiles, velvet fabric is the way to go for a luxurious touch. Just a hint of cobalt blue in a space is enough to make any buyer say, “Wow!”

kitchen with teal and glossy tile

Tile with Style: All About Tile Backsplashes

As we head into spring, many of us are embracing a fresh start, and there’s no better place to begin anew than in the home. Tile backsplashes, for example, are a great addition to any space. Not only is tile practical, as it does wonders in protecting walls from stains and splashes in the kitchen and bathroom, but it’s also visually appealing.

A stylish tile backsplash can set the tone for an entire space, and because these areas are typically small-scale, there is a lot of room to be adventurous. Bright and bold colors, from dazzling hues to neutral earthy tones, are perfect for transforming a ho-hum painted wall into a tiled knockout that brings an inviting touch of sparkle and drama.

When incorporating a tile backsplash, it is important to consider the purpose of the application, such as protecting the wall from stains and splashes. With a wide variety of materials available, like porcelain, stone, clay, marble, glass, etc., the function of the tile will make a difference when it comes to choosing the ideal material. Textured tile can be utilized to create a layered, rustic look, or instead, something sleek and smooth for a more contemporary aesthetic. Not to mention, between a matte, glossy, or natural finish, there are plenty of options to add more depth to the space.

Often sandwiched between the upper and lower cabinets in a kitchen, or between a mirror and sink in the bathroom, the backsplash is the attention-grabbing pop of flavor that adds visual interest and emphasizes the surrounding elements. A backsplash takes what would be a normally-painted wall and adds a touch of sparkle and drama. Now that’s value!

bedroom with gray monochrome statement wall

Score Big with Sports-Themed Spaces

As March Madness season heats up, many of us are getting into the sports spirit. So why not bring that excitement home with sports-inspired home design? Whether through simplistic accessories, bedding, wall art, or a paint accent on a wall, incorporating athletic themes into a home can add a fun and imaginative element to a kid’s room or loft space, where a bit of creativity is welcome.

A sports-inspired theme can help buyers envision their family in a space, making it more personable and invoking a little passion when they see their favorite team or hometown athletes represented in a room. Adding a surfboard to a wall alongside a few key decor pieces can add just the right amount of sporty fun to a space.

When incorporating these design elements, using specific accessories related to the sport is key to getting the theme across. But it’s not just about the decor—we love using paint accents to drive the theme home and add a unique touch. For example, themed wallpaper, striped details, or a painted graphic can bring a room to life and add a playful touch that’s perfect for any sports enthusiast.

So, whether the goal is to appeal to die-hard fans or just add a touch of intrigue, incorporating sports-inspired design elements is a great way to liven up a room. With so many ways to bring the spirit of sports into a space, a home can easily become a winner.

home bar with tile backsplash and gold accents

Gilded Interiors

Gold may be rare, but it’s utilized often in interiors, and we absolutely love this metallic hue. Gold accents add a touch of luxury to any space and can look particularly striking against whitewashed finishes. This metal has a softness that shines and stands out without looking too harsh. Deep warm colors often look best when accompanied by gold accents, but alongside black and white, this metal can add an ultra-covetable brightness. The sophistication and richness of gold accents make them a great addition to any space that is already chic and wants to fully exude elegance. Adding even small touches of gold make a space look more expensive and tasteful, especially when complemented with a mixture of sophisticated fabrics and materials like velvet, wood, and glass. Mirrors, tables, and light fixtures are decor pieces that wear gold well and are sure to dress up a space. The key to incorporating gold in an interior is to avoid overdoing its elevated look and veering into a tacky or gaudy aesthetic. Using subtlety and thoughtful, tasteful touches throughout a space is the answer. We tend to avoid relying on one fixture or element to bring in the gold and instead create the perfect “je ne sais quoi,” for example, by using gold hardware on light cabinetry.

home bar with tile backsplash and gold accents

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home office with modern decor

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white entryway with gold accents

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bedroom with blue modern accents

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gold mirror above dresser with gold hardware

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kitchen with blue backsplash and gold hardware

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white living room with gold accents

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home bar with gold accents

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laundry room with gray cabinetry and gold hardware

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modern living room with gold accents

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modern bathroom with neutral colors and stone

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modern bedroom with colorful accents and gold

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modern living room with pink and orange accents

Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year: Viva Magenta

The wait is finally over; Pantone has announced their color of the year for 2023: Viva Magenta! This color is an unconventional hybrid of red and pink that’s rooted in the natural sunset hues we’re all familiar with. Signifying strength and optimism, this year’s color is a bold shift from 2022’s lighthearted pastel, Veri Peri. Viva Magenta is bold and joyous—exactly the mindset we aim to keep as we go into this bright new year. This pink and red hue is fabulous for interiors because it encourages self-expression, confidence, and joy as it captivates the attention of a room. It works best as an accent due to its visually loud nature, and when mixed with other colors, it’s ideal for large-scale applications like wallpaper. We have also used this shade for upholstery on furnishings, such as a small desk chair and a headboard. The effect this color has is beautiful, especially when used in small, tasteful touches, be it accent pillows or artwork. We can’t wait to take this fearless shade into 2023 and make a statement with its empowering energy as we take on an exciting new year!

bedroom with beige wallpaper and modern art

Groovy, Funky, and Thriving With Retro Interiors

As we move into 2023 and reflect upon all the amazing gifts 2022 has given us at Chameleon, we want to look back just a bit further. Recently, there has been a resurgence of 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s-inspired design elements in interiors, and we’re loving it! There isn’t just one way to make a space “retro,” but we have a few tips and tricks from decades past that we love to incorporate into our home designs to achieve those epic looks.

When we want to add a bit of 50s style flair, we incorporate fresh pastels into our color schemes. These bright hues keep a space playful when combined with white tones. Bright white walls and pastel accents create a clean, modern touch without being too reminiscent of “I Love Lucy.” Adding a sleek Eames chair to a corner easily completes this 50s-style decor trend.

For a bit of a 60s groove, we like to use organic-shaped furnishings—whether that’s in the form of an accent chair, sofa, or even a glossy white dining table and chairs. Of course, we can’t mention this time period without incorporating midcentury modern design, which is trending once again. Warm colors like oranges, reds, and browns add depth and stylistic intrigue that align with this mellow era.

We get funky with a nod to 70s style by using lots of walnut-toned woods through furnishings and accent decor. Pattern is also a big inspiration from this era, and we channel the decade’s carefree spirit with retro, tiled backsplashes, patterned rugs, and abstract artwork.

While most people gravitate toward the 60s and 70s-inspired decor when going for a retro interior, certain 80s trends also greatly enhance this goal. Transparent furnishings, like acrylic chairs or coffee tables, offer an unexpected and unobtrusive addition to colorful spaces.

living room with blue and emerald green accents

Elevate with Emerald Green

Modern environmentalism is taking the stage for interior design trends, and we’re seeing a bold shift to natural textures and forest-y tones. As we lean into soaking rooms in natural light and decorating with seasonal houseplants, we’re reminded that nature’s beauty is our true source of inspiration. Sage and moss greens are a soft, lovely addition to any space, but emerald green—their opulent, sophisticated sister—is attracting the spotlight this season. Emerald adds the perfect amount of depth and moodiness that complements the cold weather and the return of deep, fall-inspired hues. We love this shade in all its jewel-tone glory, whether it’s delivered in a bold splash of paint, a few simple accessories, or revamped upholstery. Naturally, like all the best things in life, emerald green is best appreciated in moderation. Rather than dousing all the walls of a room in this shade, we prefer to use touches of it where it can truly shine and have the grandest effect. For example, a boldly painted emerald green accent wall is an alluring pop of drama, while a velvety green accent chair can transform an ordinary room into one that’s rich, moody, and luxe. Surrounded by pale neutrals and a touch of gold hardware, this soothing, autumn-inspired color is the perfect upgrade to any room’s interior.