Black Magic


This season, it turns out there is no “new” black. That’s because nothing compares to a touch of black when it comes to grounding a room. No matter the style, subtlety is the key to executing this trend with class. Opt for simple accents with a classic matte finish. While saturating with black can make a space feel confined, subtle touches serve to elevate the overall design of the room. Stylists are noting a higher demand for black hardware, especially in kitchen and bathroom design. Farmhouse or apron faucet— it doesn’t matter. Choosing matte black will add a touch of serenity. For a simple, yet marked design upgrade, consider switching out your cabinet pulls. You’ll be pleased to find black pairs well with just about anything.


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Harmonic Hues

Much like a glass of lemonade sipped by the pool, yellow evokes feelings of happiness, warmth and positivity that refresh its surroundings. It’s no wonder yellow is on the rise this season, playing a vibrant role in high-end decor by pairing elegance with a sense of decadence. Introduce blissful yellow hues in accessories, or make a bold statement by mixing bright shades with modern shapes and patterns. Keeping a constant color theme grounds the look while geometric shapes illuminate the space with balance, creativity and intrigue.

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Groundbreaking Accents

It’s no longer an “accent,” if it’s become cliché. Swap out tired accents for a coveted centerpiece with charming embellished floors. Eye-catching flooring creates matchless character and makes an unforgettable statement, whether through ornamented tiles, patterned hardwood, or suave geometric carpeting. This technique breathes opulence into any space, large or small, by captivating from the ground up. Try dabbling with this stunning style in spaces—such as a bathroom, foyer, mudroom, or even the kitchen—and go as big as suits your buyers’ fancy. The sky is truly the limit when it comes reawakening a space with the allure of chic, embellished floors.

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Trend: Cemented in Time

Once reserved for driveways and walkways, concrete is right at home indoors, too. Sculptural home accessories hewn from concrete are making a weighty statement this year — and given their substance, this décor trend is sure to become cemented in time as a true modern classic. You’ll find that brutalist-inspired concrete pendant lights cast beautiful patterns while utilitarian concrete tables provide stable elegance. Plus, hardscapes are gaining bold new imprints as concrete castings are replacing marble and tile as trend-making choices for countertops and other surfaces. Even walls and flooring are getting a concrete makeover this year, providing a warm canvas for neutral furniture.

Shroom side table, CB2

Concrete Desk Set, Area Ware

Table lamp, West Elm

Concrete Hanging Planter, Target

Concrete Candle, Le Labo

Cement Taper Candle Holders, Burke Decor

Trending: Arabian Nights Meet California Dreaming

Dubai may not be on your travel itinerary this year, but you can capture the romance of a thousand and one Arabian nights by capitalizing on the Arabesque trend. Far from antique or Old World, Arabesque lends itself to modern interpretation with bold décor, including occasional furniture and pendant lights embellished with intricately carved geometric designs in brass, copper, silver and nickel. Even fanciful wallpapers allow would-be world travelers to embrace florals, geometric designs and impassioned color palettes.

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How to Design with Pantone’s 2018 Bold Shade
There’s no better way to incorporate Ultra Violet into personal spaces this year than coloring meditative spaces with it. The color experts said Ultra Violet is “symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own.” We recommend borrowing cues from nature to incorporate this mystical purple into interiors that transcend the ordinary, punctuating spaces with décor, accessories and statement pieces that evoke the mysteries of the cosmos.

1: Glass Knot, Z Gallerie 2: Agate Coaster Set, Barneys New York 3. Chesterfield Velvet Sofa, Aubergine, Houzz 4. The Peacock Chair, Design Applause 5. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, Williams-Sonoma

Trending: The Walls Are Alive with Color

The verdant colors of spring and summer can live all year long with greenery walls. This trend brings the outdoors in — framed as art, erected as room dividers and positioned to enliven forgotten corners. Greenery walls — also called plant walls, living walls or vertical gardens — allow urban dwellers to incorporate nature into their environments, satisfying their need to embrace the natural world and providing much-needed health benefits, including improved air quality. Some greenery walls, such as vertical planters that create organic separation between room or border conversation areas, make use of live plants when it’s convenient to provide the essentials of water, food and sunlight. Other décor choices, like framed gardens above fireplace mantels, rely on natural elements that don’t require much care, such as moss and cacti.

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Trending: At First Blush

Emote fall warmth with modern, magical pops of blush, and employ this on-trend rosy pink hue to create interior and exterior statements. Splash blush in the kitchen with artisanal cutting boards stacked in a mouth-watering presentation. Bookend vintage hardbacks between generous rose quartz stones. Indulgent blush cushions offer a relaxed take on the chaise lounge-turned-bench. Pair a duo of pinkish linen pillows in the mix. Reduce visual clutter while elegantly stashing throws or magazines in freestanding blush woven baskets but provide some eye candy by suspending flushed hardware pendants — or tickle your toes on a rug featuring a zigzap pattern of delicate-as-down blossom hues. Allow your countenance to mirror blush tones in and out of your residence.


Ceiling Light, Cedar & Moss


Pink Marble Tray, Spartan Shop


Rose Quartz Bookends, Z Gallerie

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Wooden Daybed, Urban Outfitters

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Washed Linen Fabric, Serena & Lily

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Woven Basket, Anthropologie

Trending: Light Up Your Life with Geometric Design

Summer calls for geometric-shaped lighting to give your space an uncomplicated glow. These sleek shapes, cool metals and pin-point angles will light up your life – casting their brilliance across entire rooms or brightening only the corners you choose. A simple triad of hanging fixtures offers plenty of shine without adding bulk to a modern space, or mix shapes by styling with cones, cylinders and spheres to give standing, hanging and pendant lighting a schooling in modern design.

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Chameleon Design

Trending: Go Nude

Neutral palettes and soft textures never fail to convey the impression of everlasting elegance, so no wonder this classic also is a perennial trend. Complementing nude tones with reed curtains, caramel accents, wood furniture and smoke-hue décor creates a serene interior that welcomes family and guests alike. A clean foundation can be developed by sweeping cream or sand hues on every wall and incorporating white linen fabrics into bedroom and furniture accessories. Nudes can be surprisingly dramatic as well, as seen when pairing a white chair with a cream throw, stacking taupe dishware on rustic wood shelves, or mixing white herringbone patterns with off-white shiplap walls. Feeling a little frisky? Contrast a pop of bold color against a backdrop of white backsplashes, tiles and countertops to stimulate a neutral canvass.

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