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Kitchen Island Life

Say “aloha” to the heart of the home. Occupying prime real estate at the epicenter of the kitchen, this modern essential is the perfect marriage of efficiency and elegance. Creating the ideal spot for gathering together, the kitchen island provides a shared space to kick off the day with a morning cup of joe or close out the evening with homework and family dinner.

Functional, Yet Fabulous

This centerpiece is never overlooked but always under appreciated and can be utilized in a variety of ways. The sleek design may fool an untrained eye, but this kitchen assistant duels as a master organizer with its surplus of hidden storage compartments. Customizable countertop elements help transform the island into a space that is functional while maintaining a sleek, stylish design.

It’s in the Details

Explore incorporating a different cabinetry color or countertop material from the rest of the kitchen to let the island pop! Infuse concrete, recycled glass or cement elements to give it an elegant distinction. Sleek waterfall sides add an element of sophistication while hanging pendant lighting adds a distinctive sense of personality.

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Photo Credit; Chameleon Design

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Beautiful, Versatile Navy Blue

Navy is a color with the power to take over a room and the confidence to make its presence known through bold accents. A room transformation can occur simply by painting. However, covering a wall or two with fabric or a wall-covering to add patterns, texture and dimension in this deep tone produces a distinct level of sophistication.

A vibrant element of style

Clearly, navy isn’t a shy hue. In fact, it can mix up the entire ecosystem of a room. The versatility of this tone makes it ideal as both an accent and a neutral (think blue denim). Navy pairs well with neutral palettes, spring tones, and crisp white. It brings a strong contrast to sunny yellow and orange and adds rich opulence with ruby reds and purples.

Not a hint of gloom

While many dark colors can feel a bit gloomy when used abundantly, navy blue evokes an optimistic elegance with a touch of mystery. White and bright tones have had their time in home design for a few years now, so it’s the perfect time to switch up the vibe with a moodier tone.


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Chameleon Design

Serena & Lily

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Neutral Color Power: Bold Isn’t Always Better

Neutral Color Power: Bold Isn’t Always Better

Whether warm and inviting or calm, cool and collected a neutral palette offers a bounty of possibilities. Hand-tailored by Mother Nature herself, it’s no wonder this concoction of earthy tones has stood the test of time.

Neutrals serve as a versatile design foundation—one that can “calm” or ground furniture or accent pieces in brighter shades and unique shapes. A neutral color palette can also create opportunities to add in or swap out splashes of color as trends and seasons change. Plus, neutrals are a great way to highlight textures in a room; making the oft-overlooked design elements of wood, tile, or unique fabrics feel right at home. But perhaps best of all, neutral colors are a smart and timeless investment. They are soothing and classic, work with all styles, and have a mass appeal.

With seemingly endless possibilities in textures and tones, the key is to mix things up. A blend of textures, materials, and shapes in combinations of cool and warm shades enhance the natural characteristics of the room while in its neutral surroundings.

Energizing and Relaxing: Pantone’s Color of the Year is a Juxtaposition of Emotions

How coral snagged the #1 spot as Pantone’s “2019 Color of the Year” is no mystery. There’s just something special about it. “Just as coral reefs are a source of sustenance and shelter, we see this color giving us assurance and buoyancy in an environment that’s been continuously shifting for 10 years,” says the vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, Laurie Pressman.

Double Duty

Coral is a testament to how color enhances the way we experience life, playing a dual role of energizing and nourishing. Evoking imagery of bustling ocean life and brilliant sunsets, it’s easy to gather why coral is pleasing to the eye. Perhaps it’s the unique way it hovers energetically between red and orange without choosing a side. Its striking appearance draws the eye with a revitalizing pop of color that makes every room look brighter.


The Perfect Wingman

Coral’s versatility as both a standalone and partner shade deserves twice the applause. For a calm or beachy vibe that doesn’t overwhelm, beige tones make a perfect pair. To ramp up the energy, look no further than coral’s two complementary colors – green and blue. Whether it’s lime, turquoise, teal, royal blue, or navy, they all play nice with coral, and serve to illuminate its ability to open the eyes and the heart to any space.

Teeny, Tiny & Trendy

Teeny, Tiny, & Trendy

Baby-fresh fashion has taken over infant’s rooms everywhere. It all started with endlessly stylish Instagram mamas who began designing kid’s rooms that have inspired grown-up envy across the nation. Now, rugrat refinement is having a moment. Here are some of the styles to watch:


Color Wheel

Venturing all around the color wheel is 2018’s new nursery trend. As more and more parents-to-be forego the traditional blue-for-boys and pink-for-girls color schemes, they’re enjoying the newfound freedom of choice when it comes to the nursery. Keeping the palette to a central color theme ties the room together in a thoughtful way without losing this new-found creative freedom. After all, a nursery should flow with the rest of your décor, not disrupt it. Being creative with colors, allows parents to welcome their babies with personality, and give them a taste for how exciting the world can be. Try coupling gray tones with playful pastels, adding bright pops of color or going bold with a blacked-out accent wall.


Bold Contrast

For our nation’s tykes, layered is the new look. Kid’s rooms are making simple, yet exciting statements with fun, contrasting patterns that are sure to make any baby’s eyes light up. This trend comes in many flavors, whether it’s pairing buffalo check with hand-painted polka dots or pin stripes with chevron. The secret ingredient to mastering this perfect blend is found in the mixing of furnishing finishes. Make it chic by adding modern furnishings then take a walk on the wild side by adding an element of rustic flare. Mix and match to add a splash of fun.


Tailored for Two

Given that parents often frequent the nursery nearly as often as their newborns, nurseries are growing smarter. While yesterday’s nurseries were solely designed for the baby, today’s spaces are more functional, prioritizing mom’s needs too. The nursery should be a haven for parent and child to bond together, thus including comfortable seating is a must—update the classic rocker to one that is plush. Be spatially-savvy by adding wall-mounted storage to accommodate baby’s necessities. And if that little one still feels too far away, try adding a stylish bassinet to the master.

Three Retro Trends We Hope Never Come Back

We’re all about walking on the cutting edge when it comes to design. But every now and then, it’s even more fun to take a jog down memory lane. Grab your boomboxes and hold onto your turtlenecks – we’re going to unpack some of the most cringeworthy style trends of the last three decades.

1970s: Soaked in your Sleep

Something just wet the bed—it was your mattress. These vinyl water sacks were all the rage, making waves in the 70s until folks finally got seasick by the 80s. If you didn’t have a waterbed, did you even have a bed? Everyone who was anyone was on board, from plain Jane nextdoor to Hugh Hef, who reportedly had a huge waterbed covered in Tasmanian possum hair. These buoyant mattresses were fantastic—as long as Fluffy the cat kept his paws off! We’re so glad the popularity of this trend dried up so we could finally put the waterbed to rest.

Photo Credit: The Atlantic


1980s: The Monster Beneath Your Feet

Not surprisingly, thinking back to the wall-to-wall carpets that swept the market in the 80s does not give us the warm fuzzies! While we’d rather sweep this one under the rug, shag carpets were a wildly popular trend, covering up gorgeous hardwoods from the front door to the (gasp) bathroom floor. Between the flourishing bacteria and hard-to-clean dirt, there was nothing magic about these carpets, which unrolled in popular shades like hunter green, burgundy and jaundice yellow.

Photo Credit: Carpet One Floor & Home


Photo Credit: Networx

1990s: Wild Walls

Perhaps something about the impending millenium made us want to box ourselves into the decade—a feeling which we accomplished with floor-to ceiling wallpaper in every room! Seashell patterns? You bet. Infinite florals? Yes please! This dated fashion trend swallowed even the most expansive spaces, assaulting the eye with colors and shapes galore! On the off-chance we wanted to let walls breathe, there was sponge paint, creating a clashing multi-neon colored collage of chaos.

Photo Credit: Popsugar


Photo Credit: Family Handy Man

Elegant Embellishment

Don’t leave the saying “less is more” at the door. Inside the world of decor, you can have both by layering a simple aesthetic with rich embellishments. This year, it’s all about amplifying texture with touches like macrame, fringing, tufting, tassels and feathers. When tactfully executed, this style blends creativity and refinement to lend sophistication to any space.

A Handmade Touch

Textured details amplify any interior with personality and intrigue that forge an emotional connection. They contribute a handcrafted aesthetic that instantly invites warmth into a space. Whether a hand-woven tapestry or an intricate quilt, each crafted touch contributes a distinct sense of comfort. Such details give a space heart — its own distinctive recipe of wonder and excitement.

Custom Character

Textured details distinguish a room by making simple pieces feel custom-made. Layering materials and embellishments can help tie a look together with rustic wood elements, wall hangings, throws and rugs. Attention to detail is key in achieving a curated style that is elevated and harmonic. A collection of textures can be tailored to curate a sophisticated ambiance with its own special energy.

Photo Credit: Chameleon Design

Photo Credit: Chameleon Design

Photo Credit: Chameleon Design

Photo Credit: Chameleon Design

Photo Credit: Chameleon Design

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Elegance is Evergreen

It’s human nature. We’re inherently captivated by the breathtaking wonder of the wild. From its succulent tones to its raw, invigorating textures, it’s no wonder this season seeks to breathe life into everyday spaces by harnessing natural beauty indoors.

Go Greener

Need a refresh? Try a lively pop of emerald or the elegance of sage to awaken the surrounding palate. It’s time to embrace the urge to go green, with sage as the new neutral, and emerald as its crisp, new accent.

Photo Credit: Murals Wallpaper

A Fresher Feel

When paired with nature’s harmonious hues, earthy, organic textures creating a captivating centerpiece, exuding natural charm and timeless sophistication. Bright botanicals? Yes, please. Bold statement fabrics? Even better. The rich textures of the season satiate our innate desire to coexist with nature, adding a powerful organic element to decor.

Photo Credit: loveCOLORAY

Living Accents

The revitalizing touch of live greenery is springing up in luxury spaces everywhere, and the variety from which to choose from is in full bloom. From romantic florals to playful fiddle leaf figs, there is a unique foliage theme to enliven every design aesthetic. Add a living accent (or centerpiece) and it is an invitation to step inside for a breath of fresh air.


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Living the Van Life

You won’t find Shaggy or Scooby Doo in one of these rides, but those-in-the-know are converting vans into epic transports for road tripping or even — gasp! — tiny homes. And why not? You get to define life on your own terms and experience the freedom of the open road — all in approximately 50 efficient square feet. We had the opportunity to recraft an airstream for Great Parks Neighborhood and now we’re obsessed! (Can you say, “Yes, we van!”) Although van life is small in size, it’s big in design potential. From retrofitting a van with porthole windows to give it a nautical feel, to installing a rooftop solar system that gives them endless energy options, to planning a well-designed kitchen and bed, vanlifers are finding that they don’t have to compromise style to gain a home sweet (traveling) home.

Chameleon Design for Great Parks Neighborhood Share Stream

RV, Francois et Moi

Airstream, Lynne Knowlton

Cargo Van, The Vanual

School Bus, Trebventure

Chameleon Design

Color Me Bold

Whether you like it spicy hot or black tie, you’re in luck because bold colors are back. Marking a distinctive departure from all things millennial pink and frothy, interior designs are awash with bold color this spring. Feeling saucy? How about painting a wall with a rich bold red like Caliente from Benjamin Moore that thrusts all hues of red and orange into the spotlight this season. Equally intense is a timeless slate of ebony-hued finishes – from lighting to doors to furniture – that lend elegance to any décor. Kitchens also get the royal treatment with expanses of moody blues, petrol greens and charcoals – creating a sophisticated backdrop for family gatherings and impromptu entertaining.

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Chameleon Design

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