built-in shelves with plants and decor

Travel-Inspired Tranquility in Vida Plan 2

Get ready to soar at Vida at The Collective by Trumark Homes, a community situated in the bustling city of Manteca, CA, designed exclusively for active 55+ residents. This enclave offers a plethora of amenities, including a bocce ball court, clubhouse, dog park, and expansive fitness center, ensuring endless entertainment and activity opportunities in the heart of the Bay Area.

Stepping into the single-story, two-bedroom Plan 2 model, you immediately feel welcomed as your senses are greeted by soft spa blue hues, oatmeal tones, and delicate pale woods, creating an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. Woven textures infuse the space with depth and character, while sprinkles of linen and white accents add a touch of sophistication.

Designed for adventurous spirits, this home exudes a “true soul” aesthetic, blending travel-inspired elements with modern comforts. The elegant office space invites you inside as you first enter the home and is adorned with pristine white shiplap, a built-in desk, and floating shelves. As you move effortlessly into the airy great room, you’ll love how the space is bathed in natural light and accented with lush greenery, reflecting a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Indulge in the oasis-like master bedroom, featuring pale tones, a soothing white shiplap wall, and a captivating wooden light fixture that serves as a natural focal point. With its inviting ambiance, Vida at The Collective Plan 2 offers a sanctuary where residents can embrace the comforts of home, while being immersed in the feelings of adventures past, and those yet to come.

living room with yellow striped walls

Beyond the Lines: The Timeless Allure of Striped Design

At Chameleon Design, we are never one to shy away from the oh-so-skillful stripe. In the vibrant world of interior design, stripes reign supreme as a versatile and dynamic element. Whether adorning walls with painted details, enhancing spaces with wallpaper, or adding flair through accessories like throw blankets and rugs, stripes can serve as both foundation and accent. When a space needs an extra wow factor, adding in beautiful stripes is like magic—their visual impact is undeniable, instantly infusing rooms with personality, energy, and movement. Despite their boldness, stripes maintain a classic and clean aesthetic, effortlessly transitioning from traditional to contemporary settings. Opt for black and white stripes for a touch of glamour or inject vibrancy with colorful combinations, ideal for incorporating playfulness into kids’ rooms or bonus spaces. We like to lean into multi-colored stripes for a retro vibe, perfectly aligned with today’s current design trends. True to their playful nature, strategically placed vertical stripes create an illusion of height, while horizontal lines expand spaces, offering a clever design trick to elevate any room. With stripes, the possibilities are endless and promise to enliven and transform living spaces with flair and a touch of whimsy.

comfortable chair in bedroom

Retro Revival: Embracing Bouclé Fabric This Spring

Indulge in the season’s refreshing energy and welcome a touch of timeless elegance with bouclé fabric. Its inviting texture brings feelings of relaxation and warmth into the home. Renowned for its cloud-like texture and versatility, bouclé is a captivating textile crafted from materials such as cotton, silk, wool, or synthetics. While often found in classic white or cream shades that exude chic elegance, bouclé is not confined to neutrals, but comes in vibrant hues, perfect for bringing new life to a home.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, bouclé boasts durability and comfort, making it a beloved choice for both modern and retro-inspired interiors. Its recent resurgence harks back to its popularity in mid-century design and is ideal for adding a nostalgic charm to contemporary spaces. After months of gray days and less daylight, this fabric allows us to emerge from the shadows and express ourselves in new ways. From statement sofas to decorative pillows, bouclé effortlessly complements various settings and pairs exquisitely with textures like velvet, silk, and linen. Embrace the fuzzy embrace of bouclé! Accentuating spaces with curved and rounded bouclé pieces creates a sophisticated yet inviting ambiance.

natural living room with wood decor

Seven Silver Finalists Vie for Gold at The Nationals

We are delighted to announce that we have seven silver award finalists in the running for the gold award at ‘The Nationals Awards” by the National Association of Home Builders. Among these, five nominations shine in various interior design categories, while the remaining two are for the spectacular community of the year categories. Our nominations include:

  • Verve at University Park Plan 1
  • Verve at University Park Plan 2
  • Jewel at Signature PGA WEST Plan 2
  • Strand at Melrose Heights Plan 3
  • Esprit at University Park Plan 1
  • Terra at The Landing at Tustin Legacy (Best Multi-Family Community Up to 4 Stories)
  • Villas at Los Coyotes Country Club (Best Multi-Family Community 4 Stories and Above)

We extend our gratitude to our esteemed clients—Trumark Homes, Woodbridge Pacific Group, and Brookfield Residential—for their collaboration on these exceptional projects. The winners will be revealed in Las Vegas on February 27, 2024, marking a momentous celebration of excellence in interior design and community development on the national stage. Thank you for being part of this exciting journey with us!

Verve at University Park Plan 2 | Best Interior Merchandising of a Model Priced $600,000 to $700,000

natural living room with wood decorEsprit at University Park Plan 1 | Best Interior Merchandising of a Model Priced $700,000 to $800,000

modern great room with black details

Verve at University Park Plan 1 | Best Interior Merchandising of a Model Priced $500,000 to $600,000

bright white living space

Jewel at Signature PGA WEST Plan 2 | Best Interior Merchandising of a Model Priced $600,000 to $700,000

bedroom with neutral color palette

Strand at Melrose Heights Plan 3 | Best Interior Merchandising of a Model Priced $600,000 to $700,000

large bedroom with black and white decor

Terra at The Landing at Tustin Legacy | Best Multi-Family Community Up to 4 Stories


Villas at Los Coyotes Country Club – Best Multi-Family Community 4 Stories and Above


loft with natural light

Sunlit Serenity: Maximizing Natural Light in Interiors

Basking in the gentle glow of natural light effortlessly transforms living spaces into warm, inviting havens. Beyond its aesthetic allure, harnessing sunlight in interiors visually expands a room and cultivates an atmosphere that’s both welcoming and uplifting. Think of sliding doors as a versatile tool, be it in the master bedroom or the great room—that not only amplifies natural light, but forges a seamless connection to the outdoors, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. Mirrors, strategically positioned on walls, act as enchanting conduits for light, bouncing and reflecting it around the room, creating an illusion of space and adding brightness. Utilizing light tones and whites in a color scheme maximizes the benefits of natural light, contributing to an overall bright and airy ambiance. We like to complement this color choice with furniture that won’t absorb light excessively, and we often angle pieces towards the light source for optimal reflection. Glass, both as a material and design element, plays a pivotal role in maximizing light. Glass accessories and furnishings permit light to pass through effortlessly, adding sophistication while maintaining an open feel. Incorporating a polished finish flooring, like hardwood or stone, ensures every surface reflects the natural light, and contributes to a brighter and more welcoming space. These streamlined design strategies enhance an interior’s aesthetics and enrich daily living experiences, turning a home into a well-lit respite that exudes elegance and tranquility. Open those sliding doors, position mirrors just right, and let the sunshine illuminate every corner—because every home deserves a daily dose of nature’s brilliance.

nursery with pale blue statement wall

“Upward”: Blue Hues and Bright Moods in 2024

Sherwin Williams has spoken, and the Color of the Year in 2024 is “Upward,” a pale, blissful blue shade with subtle hints of soft grey. It stands in stark contrast to Pantone’s choice of “Peach Fuzz,” but both colors emitting distinct messages of positivity and hope for the new year. While Pantone’s hue wraps us in much-needed warmth and tenderness, Sherwin Williams’ “Upward” brings a breezy calm and contentment, like a slow, deep breath. This soothing tone emanates a positive, carefree energy without overwhelming the senses. Pairing seamlessly with pale cream tones, greys, deeper blues, or light wood tones, “Upward” also serves well as a striking contrast to deep black. As designers, we look forward to incorporating this tranquil shade in our work throughout the upcoming year and witnessing its transformative influence on spaces and moods alike.

plush living room with shag rug

Chameleon Design Shines at 50th SoCal MAME Awards

This year, Chameleon Design embarked on a groovy journey to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the SoCal MAME Awards in Anaheim, CA. Presented by the Greater Sales and Marketing Council and BIA Southern California, this prestigious event is a highlight of the industry’s 2023 calendar year. We were thrilled to have 20 finalists representing Chameleon Design, each vying for recognition in eight diverse categories. When the moment of truth arrived, we were beyond honored to take home awards in an incredible seven out of those eight categories!

The stars of our victorious lineup include:

  • Best Sales or Leasing Office: The Landing at Tustin Legacy
  • Best Interior Merchandising of a Detached Home under $600,000: Topaz at Signature PGA WEST® | Plan 1
  • Best Interior Merchandising of a Detached Home $600,000-$900,000: Jewel at Signature PGA WEST® | Plan 2
  • Best Interior Merchandising of an Attached Home under $750,000: Flats and Towns at Zest | Plan 4
  • Best Interior Merchandising of an Attached Home $750,000 & Over: Terra at The Landing at Tustin Legacy | Plan 5
  • Best Interior Merchandising of an Attached Home $1 Million-$2 Million: Villas at Los Coyotes Country Club | Plan 5
  • Attached Community of the Year Priced over $750,000: Villas at Los Coyotes Country Club

This remarkable achievement would not have been possible without our incredible clients at Woodbridge Pacific Group, Brookfield Residential, and Trumark Homes. We are immensely grateful to share these award wins with such visionary partners, who continue to inspire us with their innovative projects.

We see these honors as a testament to our dedication towards setting new industry standards and our passion for creating exceptional living spaces. We’re so excited for the incredible journey that lies ahead!

Villas at Los Coyotes Country Club | Plan 5

plush living room with shag rug

Jewel at Signature PGA WEST® | Plan 2

Topaz at Signature PGA WEST® | Plan 1

bright living room with sliding doors to backyard

Terra at The Landing at Tustin Legacy | Plan 5

great room with dark wood cabinetry

Flats and Towns at Zest | Plan 4

black and white living area with modern art

The Landing at Tustin Legacy Sales Office

sales office with bold statement wall

Villas at Los Coyotes Country Club Community

beautiful streetscape of spanish style architecture

Beyond the Nightstand: Creative Bedside Arrangements

The classic combination of dual nightstands, thoughtfully chosen accessories, and the beloved table lamp has long been the universal standard for bedside arrangements. It’s a delightful choice. However, at times, we relish the opportunity to step outside the box, leaving buyers pleasantly surprised. Adequate lighting remains paramount, so we often opt for pendant lights gracefully suspended above the nightstands or introduce a sleek floor lamp strategically placed before a mirror. The result is nothing short of captivating—a stylish focal point that demands attention. Occasionally, we take the unconventional route by forgoing the nightstand on one side, replacing it with a pendant light and charming wall-mounted floating shelves or cubes. This innovative twist adds a touch of uniqueness and aids in saving valuable floor space—a win-win scenario. Embracing change and introducing distinctive elements not only serves to inspire potential buyers but also opens doors to creating the illusion of more space.

green dining room with modern art

Designing Luxurious Living with Glass and Ceramics

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, the latest trend of statement glass has become an essential element, adding a touch of timeless elegance to any space. The use of glass and ceramic materials not only elevates the entire room, making it feel more luxurious, but it also serves as a masterful conductor of light, creating a magical interplay that captivates the senses. As these materials are inherently natural, their textures are in high demand today, contributing to their allure.

Colored and stained glass accessories not only add a luminous quality but also introduce a playful burst of color, while warm-toned glass pieces pay homage to the trendy aesthetics of the 70s. Additionally, uncolored glass pieces are adept at reflecting light, imbuing the room with an airy elegance that visually expands the space. Ceramic accessories, rooted in their natural essence, offer an artisanal touch, especially when painted in warm or earthy tones. They come in an array of vibrant colors, providing ample versatility for creative exploration in form and design. In the realm of interior design, statement glass and ceramics are the cornerstone of a new era, inviting you to weave elegance and artistry into your living spaces.

home bar with built in shelving

Elegant Plan 5 | Villas at Los Coyotes Country Club

Indulge in a life of sheer luxury at the Villas at Los Coyotes Country Club, a true marvel by Brookfield Residential, nestled against Buena Park’s scenic fairways. The single-story Plan 5 model, an architectural marvel, beckons with a sprawling great room, formal dining area, and an oversized island. A palette of deep plum, camel, and linen hues elegantly blends with dark wood tones, creating an ambiance of sophistication. As you step inside, you’re welcomed by a built-in home bar adorned with glass shelving and a mini fridge, setting the tone for effortless entertainment. The great room’s interplay of textures and balanced tones exudes drama while maintaining an open feel. With a refined kitchen boasting deep wood tones and under-cabinet lighting, every inch of this home is tailored for elegance. From wood-look wallpaper in the primary bedroom to an exquisite home office, Villas at Los Coyotes Country Club Plan 5 paints a portrait of lavish living at its finest.