Quick Fix: Easy Kitchen Upgrades

Last week we talked about how to upgrade your bathroom. This week we’re tackling the kitchen. The kitchen often becomes a gathering place when company comes by. Food and drink tends to draw people in! Here are some ways to help keep the kitchen fresh.

1) Hardware Care. This one is pretty easy is to upgrade and can make a real difference. Replacing knobs, hinges and pulls is fairly inexpensive and can take an afternoon to do. Just a word of caution: make sure the new hardware matches the existing hole locations. A good polishing of existing hardware can also help to brighten the space.

2) Floor Fixers. If you’ve got great hardwood floors that have taken a beating, refinishing them will restore their former glory. For the quickest and easiest of all fixes, look into rugs that will add personality to room, while protecting floors.

3) Cabinet Creativity. There are lots of ways to make your cabinets look better. Of course refacing is great for a redo without completely ditching the old cabinets, but it might still be too time and money intensive. Consider instead repainting, changing only the doors or adding molding.

4) Exciting Lighting. Again, like with bathrooms, lighting makes a huge difference. If you’re fixtures are newer, an install of dimmers can also add to the ambiance for dinner guests. Even if you don’t upgrade, a good scrubbing can make a world of difference!

5) Backsplash Beauty. An easy way to get current is to focus on redoing the backsplash. The “in” styles for these change every few years if you are looking to stay modern, but backsplashes can also get grimy quickly so that’s another good reason to change! Subway tile has been all the rage and also has a classic look, but other options are ceramic or glass tile, beadboard or even stainless steel.

6) Fancier Faucets. There are some really amazing faucets out on the market right now. Ones that seem to do everything. A new faucet can go a long way in making dishes feel less like a chore.

7) Get Organized. Have items started to drift from their proper places? Has the utensil holder on the counter become a catchall? Get everything back in its proper place! This is especially a must in the kitchen as it will save you time when cooking or just looking for the bag of Oreos.

We also loved the very thorough list from Bon Apetit on “Fifty Instant Kitchen Upgrades.”

Don’t forget—Studio Chameleon’s design services also extend to kitchens and we’d be happy to help you figure out what upgrades would be best for your kitchen!

Father’s Day Photo Contest and Reception

It’s a yearly dilemma—what to get dad for Father’s Day. Another tie simply will not do. Gadgets are fun, but so impersonal. DEDO and Studio Chameleon are helping to re-frame Father’s Day gifting.

Honor your pop with a unique and personal gift he’s bound to love—a photo in a frame from recycled precious woods (DEDO has 40 different woods to choose from). Even better, you can win this great gift for dad. Here’s how….

CONTEST: Submit a really cool photo of you and your dad together. The photo can be from a time long before camera phones (tech tip: you can shoot a photo of that old Polaroid with your 2.0MP camera phone) or you can submit a celluloid memory you made this year.
DEADLINE: May 31st
SUBMIT ONLINE: http://dedoframe.com/fathersdaycontest
WINNER ANNOUNCED: Thursday, June 2nd at Studio Chameleon from 4-8 p.m. We’ll have a wine and cheese reception to honor dads and where you can view the photos from the contest in specially selected DEDO frames. All are welcome to attend and browse frames and other great gifts from Studio Chameleon for their dads too!

Quick Fix: Easy Bathroom Upgrades

Summer brings a flurry of activity—the kids are home, there are vacations to take, parties to plan and friends to entertain. Looking at your bathroom you may feel less than excited about company coming over to inspect it. Banish the bathroom blues with these easy upgrades!

1) Swap out linens. And I mean ALL of the linens. This includes the rugs, bath mats and shower curtains. Consider the season and try to bring in ocean blues, coral or a summery yellow. You may want to also have a rotating set of linens for the change of seasons. This is by far the easiest step (and fairly inexpensive). Even if you only do this, you will feel like the bathroom has had a mini makeover.

2) Change or rearrange. Is your toothbrush holder tired? Soap bottle sad? Change it up! There is also no reason why the same seashell is sitting on your shelf in the same spot year after year. Rearrange or replace any knickknacks you might have lying around the bathroom. Also consider swapping between bathrooms if you are not up for a shopping spree.

3) Accentuate the positive. If you’ve got a little more time and are ambitious, consider painting an accent wall in your bathroom. Remember to keep the color one that flatters your skin tone as the color will be picked up in your face’s shadows. If you are not into DIY (do it yourself), having someone paint a wall in your bathroom is also fairly inexpensive and would take less than a half day of labor.

4) Fix your fixtures. The two fixtures you should look at are your faucet and your lighting. New faucets are a great facelift and can really help keep your bathroom looking modern and on trend without redoing the entire bathroom. Lighting, typically because it is up so high, often gets overlooked. Even if you don’t replace, consider cleaning as the dirt and dust can begin to affect the radiance of the room. These are great “honey do” projects if your significant other is slightly handy.

5) Bloom with the season. A very easy way to perk up the bathroom is with fresh flowers. Summer is a great time to be on the lookout for bright bouquets. We also have some lovely and fun vases at Studio Chameleon. Consider this one that has a “barnacle” look to it.

6) Change your scent. I always like to include this because so many people don’t think about this. Scents set moods, so the warmer apple cinnamon scent of winter doesn’t fit with summer. Try a cooler scent, like one with citrus or a “spa” scent like lavender. Also, don’t be afraid to use a couple different scents that will compliment each other. Just be aware not to overwhelm the nose! If using candles to create your scent, seek out soy. Soy candles burn much more cleanly and the scent will remain right to the last flame.

Get the Look for Less: Clayton Chair

Get the look for less! Studio Chameleon sells a nearly identical chair to the one recently featured on House Beautiful’s website–for $500 less! The Clayton Chair is a great addition to any living room and very comfortable.

Celebrating Mothers All Month

We hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day! We’re in the Mother’s Day spirit the whole month of May with our Furniture Swap Sale that benefits the moms of Human Options, a domestic violence shelter helping women and children get back on their feet.

It’s easy:
1) Donate any piece of gently used furniture through Studio Chameleon during the month of May and we will give you 25% off the purchase of any furniture in the store.
2) We’ll pick up your old piece when we drop off your new one!*
3) All donated furniture will go directly to the women and children of Human Options.

Call us today at 949.650.7979
*Free delivery within 15 miles of Studio Chameleon

Energize Your Life: Now You’re Ready to Party at a Moment’s Notice

Part four of a month-long blog series that looks at energizing your life through your home.

Now that your home is revitalizing and provides you with energy, you will never need to fear guests dropping by or inviting people over on the fly. All you need to do is some quick tidying. And I mean quick. This is my list to get my home ready for company in about a half hour.

1. Perform a room check. Just take a few moments to check in on each of the rooms your guests will be seeing. If there isn’t enough time to clear up clutter, move everything into a box and put it into the garage or closet until the party is over. Check for things around the house that you are used to but may not be best left out for guests – like the hairy dog bed in the family room, or the cat box in the bathroom – and move these things out of sight for the time being. Fluff the pillows, visually check to make sure furniture is positioned the way you want it and drapes or blinds are hanging nicely.
2. De‐clutter the kitchen. If you have dirty dishes and not enough time to wash them, stick them in the dishwasher or stack neatly in the sink. Removing the day‐ to‐day things from your kitchen counter tops creates a clean and uncluttered feeling. Stick the toaster, blender, coffee pot, knife block and vitamins in the cabinets and wipe down the counter tops.
3. Light some candles. I want to appeal to all of my guest’s senses, and it takes at least 30 minutes for candles to burn enough so that the aroma permeates the house. Fresh scents that are more natural appeal to a broader group of people. I recommend Maura Peters candles, which are available at Studio Chameleon. These hand‐poured soy and vegetable wax candles are made from the finest essential oils so they burn long and clean. A few of these and you are set for scent!
4. Put your photos out. Review the photos you have displayed and, particularly if family or close friends are visiting, make sure that you have pictures out of the people who are coming over. Keep a drawer or box of framed photos of those closest to you, so that even if you don’t want to display them all the time, you have them available. This is such a simple way to make people feel that they are known and loved by you.
5. Dust the transition areas. People tend to look down at transition areas – when they are walking into the front door and other rooms and the flooring changes from wood to carpet. This is also a place that quickly accumulates dust and pet hair. Before your guests arrive, take the towel you used to wipe down the counters and do a quick rub down of this area to make sure it is clean.
6. Set the mood with music. Put on your favorite cd and enjoy a glass of wine before your guests arrive.

Now you’re ready to party!

Our White Orchid Tealights are lovely to light up when guests
are on their way. Available in store and online.

Energize Your Life: Reupholster, Re-Stuff, Replace

Part three of a month-long blog series that looks at energizing your life through your home.

Welcome back to energizing your life! We hope you enjoyed your Earth Day and were inspired to support the beautiful AND the green out there. Let’s talk about how taking a look at your furniture can reinvigorate a room.

While it is common for us to clean out our closets and toss clothing that is worn, out-of-style, or no longer flattering, reconsidering furniture use is less customary. Why is this a problem? Because just as the items that you wear reflect your personality and style, so too should the furnishings of your home. Like clothing, furnishings should be reevaluated and updated so that they represent who we are and, above all, make us feel good. For some of us this can be as simple as mixing up throw pillows, bringing out your favorite china for a casual dinner party, or just filling your home with fresh flowers. For others, this may mean a real overhaul – rearranging entire rooms or a deep cleanse of the pieces that have stayed too long and are no longer contributing anything positive.

There are three things you should look at when deciding whether or not to keep a piece of furniture:

1) Condition: Is it worn? Stained? Missing Pieces? This kind of shabby is NOT chic! It doesn’t help you stay positive if you are cursing every time you sit in a chair with collapsed cushions or have to fuss with busted drawers.
2) Function: Is this piece still relevant to your lifestyle? Is it the best use of space in your home? In general, do you have a room that gets little or no use? For instance – think of how you could re-purpose your formal living room to invite activities.
3) Style: Is it outdated and no longer fits in with your primary décor? Maybe you’ve already had it refinished and tried it in every room of the house. If you’re keeping the piece for sentimental reasons, store it or let it go. There is no reason to have an eye sore out of guilt. Let someone else enjoy it! As with any still functional furniture (or clothes) there are plenty of people who would love to take it off your hands and recycle – After all, we did just celebrate Earth Day!

Looking to replace a worn-out chair? We love the Barber Chair! Available in store and online.


A Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: Furniture That Gives Back

Studio Chameleon loves moms! This Mother’s Day we’re helping the moms of Human Options, a domestic violence shelter for women in crisis in Orange County. These moms are rebuilding their lives and need furniture to do that. When you donate your furniture to them, we’re happy to reward your good deed!

Here’s how it works:
-Donate any piece of gently used furniture through Studio Chameleon during the month of May and we will give you 25% off the purchase of any furniture in the store.
-We’ll pick up your old piece when we drop off your new one!*

All donatedfurniture will go directly to the women and children of Human Options. For more information, call us at 949.650.7979!

*Free delivery within 15 miles of Studio Chameleon

Art, Wine and Design

Please join us next Thursday, April 28 from 4-7pm for great wine, fabulous art and 15% off the entire store!