living room with blue couch and round coffee table

Bold Walls, Bold Statements

Welcome to a world where walls aren’t mere boundaries, but captivating canvases of creativity that redefine spaces with a symphony of color, texture, and contrast. These walls are more than accents; they are storytellers that infuse charm and style into every nook. Creating a feature wall is an art, and the possibilities are endless.

Exposed brick is both rich and rugged; a portrayal of history and modernity entwined. Its tactile allure and earthy palette create an ambiance that’s simultaneously cozy and sophisticated. Similarly, stone creates an enchanted, rustic feel and adds a bit of natural whimsy and life to a space—more so than a traditionally painted wall.

Wood paneling on a feature wall is another material that creates a showstopping effect, as it opens the door to being creative with shapes and color. Shiplap, board and batten, and tongue and groove paneling are some of our personal favorites, and when combined with wallpaper in small sections, they produce a perfect harmony that adds elegance without overwhelming the senses.

On the more playful side of feature walls, chalkboard paint across a playroom wall adds creative flair to a homework spot. Doodles, drawings, and dreams come to life, turning a simple wall into an interactive canvas of imagination. With bold feature walls, a space becomes a unique and personal masterpiece.

blue barn door to guest room

Practical Beauty: Barn Doors

The charm of barn doors extends beyond utility; they are artful expressions that seamlessly integrate practicality with artistic charisma. These sought-after home features redefine door dynamics with sliding ingenuity, saving space while imparting privacy without bulk. The magic lies in their duality—practical barriers that maintain an open feel, perfect for home offices that demand focus without isolation. When selecting a barn door, material matters. Solid wood exudes timeless elegance, while painted options add a bold splash of color. Matching the door’s design to the surrounding accents adds a cohesive touch that transforms any space into a gallery of unity. Barn doors are more than entryways; they’re portals of innovation that breathe life into each transition.

colorful primary bedroom with abstract art

Barbiecore Style | Making a Dreamhouse a Reality

Who doesn’t love bright hues, feminine details, and plenty of pink? This is the core of “Barbiecore” style, a trend we’re seeing more in 2023, as interiors reflect the recent popularity surrounding all things Barbie. While we don’t directly model our spaces after Barbie herself, her ever-popular sense of style focuses on accessories, bright pops of color, and femininity—which is something we can’t help but be inspired by. We incorporate this style from time to time when we’re designing interiors that spark interest and joy in homebuyers. After all, every homebuyer wants a dream house! Aside from a colorful interior, channeling the iconic 80s is also a big part of this trend. A retro accent or pattern here and there emphasizes the vibrant style and makes the home that much more enticing. Barbiecore is all about creating a fun, fearless, and bold interior that creates a sense of wonder.

bright great room with blue and yellow accents

Bold, Bright Style at HayPark Plan 2

Welcome to the vibrant and modern world of HayPark—a townhome collection at SoMi, located in central Hayward, CA. This community boasts 3- and 4-bedroom homes surrounded by 1.2 acres of recreational space, offering the perfect blend of rural comfort and convenience. Stepping into the Plan 2 model, you’ll be captivated by the energetic ambiance and modern eclectic style, showcased through a palette of apricot, denim blue, persimmon, and white. As you enter the den/music room, a home bar setup and guitars greet you, inviting you to indulge your inner rockstar. As you move to the upper floors, bold accent walls in bright colors and eye-catching patterned wallpapers make a statement in each bedroom and the living room, infusing the space with personality and charm. The centerpiece of the living room is a unique and striking, bold blue sofa, adorned with complementary tones of orange and soft yellow, leaving you eager to discover what lies ahead. Amidst the vibrant colors, soft wood tones create a sense of balance and bring a touch of natural warmth to each space. The HayPark townhome collection at SoMi embraces a fusion of color, style, and comfort, offering a truly captivating and harmonious living experience.

large bedroom with blue velvet bed

Patterned Accent Flooring for Impactful Spaces

When it comes to creating an attention-grabbing interior design, floors have the power to transform a space entirely. Incorporating a unique and textural pattern in the form of carpet or tile can instantly turn a space into a showstopper. While accent walls have their place, utilizing the foot space as an eye-catcher adds a fresh twist to a room that may otherwise be neutral. One approach we adore is pairing a patterned floor with a lightly patterned accent wall—just as long as the colors remain relatively neutral and complementary. This combination creates an intriguing and textural environment that is visually captivating. In smaller spaces, bold and high-contrast patterns on the floor work exceptionally well, making a strong statement. In larger rooms, opting for smaller or more subtle overall floor patterns adds elegance while maintaining an element of intrigue. Exploring the impact of pattern and texture in the form of accent flooring will always result in an unforgettable and stylish interior.

Innovative Designs, Award-Winning Results

We are delighted to announce our recent achievements and recognition in two of the home building industry’s most prestigious competitions. The Greater Sales and Marketing Council BIA Bay Area MAME Awards recognize our industry’s most outstanding achievements in sales, marketing, and building. The PCBC Gold Nugget Awards honor the top innovators in design, planning, and development.

We were honored with three gold wins at the BIA Bay Area MAME Awards:

  1. Best Interior Merchandising of a Detached Model Priced $700,000 to $1 Million | Avalon at River Islands | Plan 1
  2. Best Interior Merchandising of a Detached Model Priced $1 Million to $1.5 Million | Avalon Point at River Islands | Plan 3
  3. Master-planned Community of the Year | Tracy Hills

And one gold win at the PCBC Gold Nugget Awards:

  1. Best Interior Merchandising of a Model Home Priced $600,000 to $900,000 | Terra at the Landing at Tustin Legacy | Plan 1

We are grateful for these honors and look forward to continuing our pursuit of creating exceptional designs and inspiring communities. A big thank you goes out to all involved!

three women holding a gold nugget award

Avalon at River Islands | Plan 1

Avalon Point at River Islands | Plan 3

Tracy Hills Community

Terra at the Landing at Tustin Legacy | Plan 1

bright living room with angular coffee table

Coffee Table Chic

When it comes to coffee table decor, a proper arrangement can transform it into the captivating centerpiece of a living room, showcasing unique and eye-catching accessories. Key elements to consider are balance, height, scale, and variety—with a less-is-more approach. Keeping objects around the same scale while visually balancing items of varying thickness or size is essential. To create visual interest, varying the levels of different objects is recommended, ensuring they won’t obstruct the line of sight. An effective technique is to place a few coffee books on the table, topped with decorative objects to add height. A chic tray is often incorporated and serves both aesthetic and functional purposes – it also enhances the overall appeal, while keeping items contained and easily movable when necessary. By following these guidelines, the coffee table can become a stylish focal point that elevates the overall design of the living room.

dining room with woven wood dining chairs

Elevate with Wicker and Woven Furniture

Elevate the ambiance of any space with wicker furniture and accessories. Wicker describes any type of woven furniture and is often made with natural materials like rattan, cane, or natural rope. Rattan is a beautiful material used for wicker furniture that is similar to bamboo and is a popular choice for large furniture like coffee tables or accent chairs. It pairs well with soft textiles and creates a casual yet stylish vibe. Cane is another material often used in woven furniture, and it is ideal for thin accents, like the back of a dining chair. This trend brings a relaxed, natural beauty to a bed frame or light shade. When styling with cane, adding dark brown or black accents creates a high-contrast scene. Utilizing rope as a material, in the form of an accent table or area rug, can effectively add a beachy and textural feel to any space. Whether the furnished space is a patio, living room, or dining area, wicker works wonders in any setting, complementing coastal, modern farmhouse, and modern design schemes.

living room with white brick wall

The Galena Plan: Sunset Hues Meet Modern Living

The luxurious and innovative single-family homes at Tapestry at Destination by Toll Brothers defy all expectations in beautiful Mesa, AZ. The Galena Plan is a true standout, with its tasteful whimsy and modern, worldly aesthetic. Moody sunset vibes are fully achieved with the expert application of ochre and persimmon colors, neutralized with taupe and black. Here, modern meets well-traveled with ethnic prints and dark-stained furniture. Accents of marble, rattan, and woven pieces add to the charm of this eclectic showstopper. As you enter, the open-concept flex space claims your attention with a brick statement wall adorned with bold and unique art. Bursts of color create a high-impact great room, while the secondary bedrooms have focal points of their own. Fun, geometric paint details and a bright textured wallpaper accent wall define spaces that any high school student would proudly show off to their friends. This Tapestry home has an enticing and sophisticated style that continues onto the spacious covered patio, where indoor/outdoor living feels both natural and inviting.

modern orange kitchen with waterfall island

Waterfall Island: The Ultimate Kitchen Showstopper

When it comes to creating a visually stunning kitchen design, a waterfall island is a feature that’s sure to wow. This design element involves extending the countertop over the side of the island, creating a waterfall-like effect that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Not only does it provide a smooth transition of finishes, but it also shows off the look of the countertop from multiple angles throughout the home. With no overhangs or terminating edges, it’s a child-friendly option, too. It’s also a great way to create a strong focal point in the kitchen, as the island is often one of the largest features in the space as well as being a social hub. A waterfall island’s sleek and elegant look is the perfect addition to any modern or open-concept kitchen design.

modern orange kitchen with waterfall island

Photo credit: Chameleon Design

white waterfall island

Photo credit: Chameleon Design

marble waterfall island with three barstools

Photo credit: Chameleon Design

large kitchen with white island

Photo credit: Chameleon Design

modern neutral kitchen with gray island

Photo credit: Chameleon Design

contemporary white kitchen with large island

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large gray waterfall island

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modern waterfall island in large kitchen

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modern kitchen with white waterfall island

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bright great room with gray island

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wooden cabinetry and marble waterfall island

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