Home Design Trends: Velvet

There’s no denying that velvet is luxurious and beautiful, and this season it has home decor designers under its spell. You’ll find velvet fabric being used in chairs, pillows, drapes and more. Because it can be a bit showy, be careful to only add touches of it throughout your entire home. More than one or two velvet pieces in a room can begin to look overdone.

Updating Your Fireplace

The moment it’s lit, a fireplace becomes the glowing centerpiece of any room.  They provide warmth and a focal point that draws family and guests naturally.   Over the years fireplaces have gone from strictly utilitarian to completely modern and unique in their design and their function. From fireplaces that are portable to architectural features that demand a second look when you enter the room, they’ve  transformed how we decorate our interiors. If you’re considering a new face for your existing fireplace or thinking about going for new look completely, take a look at these varieties that will have you scratching your head as to which one to decide on!

 Chameleon Design’s Orange County Dream Home

Update your fireplace with modern tiles:

Photo: JohnLumArchitecture.com
Photo: Houzz.com
Create an architectural centerpiece:
Photo: CaliforniaHomeDesign.com
Don’t disturb your minimalist decor:
Photo: ArchitecturalDigest.com
Create a fireplace that blends in seamlessly:
Photo: ArchitecturalDigest.com
Photo: LonnyMag.com

Chameleon Design Featured Project: Belvedere Plan C1-B, Irvine

For Belvedere Plan C1-B at Central Park West in Irvine, a loft-style space, Chameleon Design went for a young, hip and urban feel. The space has two and half walls and a column located right in the middle of room, but we wanted to create a somewhat private area. We utilized a metallic sheer fabric on a track to mirror the curved soffit and create a “peek-a-boo” office/media room. The curtain can either remain open to watch the flat screen TV while cooking in the kitchen, or it can be closed to allow for a bit of privacy.

We went with a curved sectional sofa to create a love lounge for the man who lives here to serenade his girlfriend with one of his guitars. Brick veneer was added to the living and bedroom walls to make the home more loft like and warm wood flooring and paint with pops of color made the home sexy and memorable.



Technology at Home

In this day and age, we’re welcoming new innovations in technology into our lives everyday. As interior designers that means we have an endless array of new elements that we’re able to integrate into the design of a home. This design movement grows from the

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integral role technology now plays in our lives and the majority of American homes, and it makes our lives easier, which makes us happy.

Chameleon Design has become pros at the blending of technology into the overall design of a room to create functional, stylish and unique environments that work well and look great. From lighting panels with computerized systems that control all the lighting in a home, to entertainment systems that rival the local movie theater, we’re embracing all of it!

This system controls the lights, the thermostats and the whole-house audio system.

Chameleon Design Featured Project: Belmont Plan 3, San Diego

With Belmont Plan 3, Chameleon Design’s aim was to create a warm and memorable home that would appeal to young buyers with a family.  We anchored the design with grey, weathered wood furniture and paired it with traditional upholstery, French flour sack accent pillows and dark iron and metal accents.  Warm wooden plank floors and cabinetry rounded out the look.

For decorative accents, a collection of white pottery and plates were placed on the open shelving and mirror in the dining area.  Botanicals created a headboard in the master and playful fashion sketches made a great back drop in the girl’s room.

 Living Room
Family Room
Family Room Detail
Dining Room
Dining Room Detail
Master Bedroom
Girls Room

Home Design Trends: Designs for the Digital Age

Furniture designers are finding many creative ways to adapt to new forms of technology and the common household uses of devices like the iPhone and iPad.  The traditional alarm clock of yesterday has become irrelevant and there’s always a need for another USB charging station.  Welcome to the modern home!



 This alarm dock turns an iPhone into a nightstand alarm clock.
Rich Neeley Designs via Etsy.com

Rich Neeley Designs via Etsy.com

The book acts as housing for a charger (it’s a solid unit), and means there’s no losing the cord behind your nightstand or desk.


This table flips open to store a laptop or iPad inside, and is low enough to use as a work surface while sitting on the couch.

Home Design Trends: Colorful Front Doors

Homeowners are less afraid of color these days. Experimenting with color on your interior walls is one thing, but a little pop of color on the exterior will give your home an instant splash of style. We’re talking about the front door! And you don’t have to worry that it will turn off the neighbors, or potential buyers if your home in on the market. If you’re not sure where to start, look at your plants and pots for color ideas. Also consider your architecture, as not every color works with everything. Lastly, always use a high-gloss finish if possible.

Chameleon Design Featured Project: West Grove, Anaheim

For West Grove, we wanted to create a functional space for an established family.   The style we used was clean, mixed with a “West Elm” sensibility, which is appealing to buyers.  We used a simple, clean soldier-course tile layout, alternating mirrors on the long entry wall and neutral backgrounds.  All of those helped to expand the space, which has a living and dining room that’s on the smaller side and no established entry.  Organic elements and hints of goldenrod color added pizazz and special attention to the scale of furnishings helped with the size challenges. We also paid special attention to details such as Mom’s office in the kitchen and the “launch pad” re-charging station in the mud room.





Bringing in Nature

Chameleon Design has been always inspired by nature in our design work. Natural elements contain a unique beauty that can’t be replicated and we love to integrate them in our home design projects. Natural design lends to a clean and modern feel and works well with many styles. Even in modern spaces, a touch of nature can introduce a certain softness and balance to sleek surfaces and angular corners. Some of our favorite elements to use are reclaimed teak and stone, which pair nicely with glass and forged steel. We also like to work with natural woods, textural fabrics, natural concrete, and patina metal.

For an interesting take, pair industrial finishes with natural elements and organic textures. For example, nature-inspired accessories and organic textures against a metal coffee table and muted gray walls would look amazing. Linen and linen-like fabrics on windows, pillows, and furniture also convey a natural feel. Houseplants add a little color and help the room lean more toward organic than industrial. Homeowners can also bring in just a touch of nature by using various woods, seashells and natural grasses in their decor.

Home Design Trends: Argyle

An argyle pattern is made of overlapping diamond shapes, and comes in any color combination you can dream of. It dates all the way back to 17th Century Scotland where it was commonly used for kilts and socks. Today, though we still love a good argyle sock, the diamond design is popping up in everything from light fixtures to landscaping. We love the sense of three-dimensionality, movement and texture it lends to any space.

Photo: Houzz

Photo: Houzz

Photo: West Elm

Photo: West Elm

Photo: Houzz

Photo: Houzz