How to Style Your Bed

How to Style Your Bed

Who doesn’t love the look of a perfectly styled bed? Beds that are clean and crisp with all the right tucks and folds can make any bedroom look great. The good news is that the look doesn’t need to be reserved for luxury hotels and professionally designed homes! With a few simple steps anyone can easily style a bed like a pro. Here are our tips for creating a bed worth dreaming about:

Invest in a Decent Set of Linens

The basis for any good bed is the linens. No matter how many pillows you top it with, if your bed’s duvet, sheets and pillowcases aren’t dreamy, you may as well stop there. The biggest misconception is that nice linens come with a hefty price tag, which is not so! You can find great sets at Bed, Bath and Beyond (check out their “Hotel Collection”) and companies like Parachute, who offer quality pieces at very affordable prices.

Style Your Comforter

Once you’ve got your linens the next step is putting everything together with style. When it comes to the comforter, there are 3 ways we like to arrange ours:

Partial Roll-Down:

The half way rolled down comforter gives you the option to display sheets or blankets that are typically hidden underneath. If you have patterned sheets or a patterned coverlet, this look will allow for a nice pop of color or texture. If you love the crisp white sheets, this is also a great way to show those off!

Photo: Chameleon Design

Full Roll-Down:

The full roll down, a hotel fave, is best in warmer months and really allows throw pillows and blankets to take center stage. The comforter provides a nice contrast for onlookers by making a band at the bottom of the bed.

Photo: Chameleon Design

Tightly Tucked:

The tightly tucked comforter gives a clean and crisp look, and will show off off a beautiful bed frame like the clean, modern looks that are popular now. This can also be done in combination with the other two styles to give a band of color contrast to the bed.

Photo: Chameleon Design

Pay Attention to the Pillows

Once you’ve got the comforter figured out, the pillows are the icing on the cake. If you skip this step you’ll be missing the easiest way to complete the look. Our favorite tricks with bed pillows are:

Create Tiers:

Arranging your pillows from largest in the back to the smallest in front will create an instantly styled look. We like to have at least three tiers with Euro sized pillows along the back, King, Queen or Standard pillows in the middle (these are the ones you’ll sleep on) and something decorative in the very front.

Photo: Chameleon Design

Go for Color,Texture and Pattern:

When choosing decorative pillows, make sure to use different textures and colors to add variety. If you have a back wall that serves as a focal point of the room, you will want to use simple linens and pillows so as not to overwhelm the room. You can’t go wrong with crisp, white bed linens, which give you a lot of room to get creative with your accent pillows. Select pillows made with fabrics that are different in texture and color from the other linens- this is key in completing the look of a truly styled bed!

Photo: Chameleon Design