To Hide or Not to Hide…the TV

To Hide or Not to Hide…the TV

It is always interesting to see how interior design has to adapt to technology. The television has gone from commonly being the highlight of the family room or living room, with gigantic entertainment centers to house them in, to today’s streamlined flat screen panels, that blend seamlessly with your decor. Today we discuss some of the different ways to work with your television or creatively disguise it.

Hidden features:
It’s more common than not to have the TV out in the open, but if you’re looking to hide it we have a couple favorite ways to do it.  Artwork that covers the television, and slides up and down on a track, is a pricey, yet perfect way to hide television if you’d rather not see it when it’s not in use.  This screen looks exactly like a framed painting, but, with the click of a button on a remote control, the screen rolls up and into the frame for a unobstructed view of the television.  The television itself is set back into the wall and is completely undetectable when the screen is down.

Another fun alternative are TV Mirrors. These hand-crafted frames surrounding mirrored two-way glass are an attractive, functional solution to the age old dilemma of where to hide the TV. When the TV is off it is simply a framed mirror.  When the TV is on, it transforms from a mirror to a TV.   A source that we’ve used is Simpson’s Mirrors: www.simpsonsmirrors.com.

Work With it:
We don’t frown upon a television out in the open, as long as it’s displayed in a nice way. A flat screen can look great sitting on a piece of furniture with a lower cabinet to house media. A wall-mount has also become much more popular as flat screens become more affordable. This is a nice way to get the TV out of the way, yet still be a focus of the room when you want it to be.

It’s best to map out a plan for your television before moving into a new house or before purchasing a new TV set. If you need assistance with blending your television seamlessly into your décor, don’t hesitate to give us a call.