Stylish and Practical: The Power of Benches

breakfast nook with bench and circular table

Stylish and Practical: The Power of Benches

When it comes to versatile and stylish additions to a space, benches are the real MVPs. These small, but mighty pieces serve multiple functions and can be utilized almost anywhere in a home. From mudrooms and entryways to bedrooms and dining rooms, a bench is a great way to add both style and function to a space.

In transitional spaces like mudrooms and drop zones, a bench is a great way to add extra storage and seating, while also amplifying the overall aesthetic. An entryway bench has a similar effect, offering a spot for a homeowner to drop off belongings or take off their shoes as soon as they walk in the door. For larger spaces, adding a bench at the end of a bed is a great way to tie the room together and add personality. When it comes to dining rooms, a bench can offer ample seating and a unique touch to the space. We love the idea of mixing a bench with an array of chairs or creating a charming breakfast nook with a bench as the centerpiece.

In addition to providing extra seating, benches with built-in storage help make the most of a smaller space. So, whether the end goal is extra storage, seating, or just to add a unique furnishing, we consider this versatile piece of furniture a valuable asset in just about every design.