Energize Your Life: Reupholster, Re-Stuff, Replace

Energize Your Life: Reupholster, Re-Stuff, Replace

Part three of a month-long blog series that looks at energizing your life through your home.

Welcome back to energizing your life! We hope you enjoyed your Earth Day and were inspired to support the beautiful AND the green out there. Let’s talk about how taking a look at your furniture can reinvigorate a room.

While it is common for us to clean out our closets and toss clothing that is worn, out-of-style, or no longer flattering, reconsidering furniture use is less customary. Why is this a problem? Because just as the items that you wear reflect your personality and style, so too should the furnishings of your home. Like clothing, furnishings should be reevaluated and updated so that they represent who we are and, above all, make us feel good. For some of us this can be as simple as mixing up throw pillows, bringing out your favorite china for a casual dinner party, or just filling your home with fresh flowers. For others, this may mean a real overhaul – rearranging entire rooms or a deep cleanse of the pieces that have stayed too long and are no longer contributing anything positive.

There are three things you should look at when deciding whether or not to keep a piece of furniture:

1) Condition: Is it worn? Stained? Missing Pieces? This kind of shabby is NOT chic! It doesn’t help you stay positive if you are cursing every time you sit in a chair with collapsed cushions or have to fuss with busted drawers.
2) Function: Is this piece still relevant to your lifestyle? Is it the best use of space in your home? In general, do you have a room that gets little or no use? For instance – think of how you could re-purpose your formal living room to invite activities.
3) Style: Is it outdated and no longer fits in with your primary décor? Maybe you’ve already had it refinished and tried it in every room of the house. If you’re keeping the piece for sentimental reasons, store it or let it go. There is no reason to have an eye sore out of guilt. Let someone else enjoy it! As with any still functional furniture (or clothes) there are plenty of people who would love to take it off your hands and recycle – After all, we did just celebrate Earth Day!

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