The First Steps Inside A Model Home

The First Steps Inside A Model Home

Chameleon Design has a design philosophy which is built upon three key experiences we want people to have when they enter a home.  Those first few steps are so important and we work hard to make sure those impressions are good ones!  The key experiences that we believe can virtually guarantee a good first impression are:

Excite the senses
The home needs to be visually exciting of course, but there are other senses to consider as well.  A nice scent is an easy way to immediately give a good impression that the home they just entered feels nice and welcoming.  Hearing a calming sound such as running water is also pleasant and can easily be accomplished with a water element in front of the house near the front door.

Consistency in Design
People like to experience consistency in home design.  This is especially important when designing model homes, as many people will walk through the plan and they won’t be interested in buying if they don’t get a good feeling.  The flow is instrumental and considered throughout the design process. One of the first things we consider is what is happening with the style of the home before the décor.  If the home is a Cape Cod style build, we want to reflect that in the décor so there’s continuity with the structure. Once we get the style direction down, we make sure that same design concept is seen from room to room.  For example, we’ll  materials used in the kitchen for the bathrooms.  A slight variation, such a brighter colors in the kids room, will still work if you make sure to naturally tie it in to the overall style of the home. The consistency is the main thing people love about model homes and they often say they wish their own home looked that way!

The Living Room, Family Room, Kitchen and Master Bedroom all reflect the same design concept at a West Grove model in Anaheim.  Source: Chameleon Design

Clever Solutions
Every home has a different layout, and we’re always thinking about clever solutions in space planning and furniture arrangement.  It’s important to really get those down, as they make a huge difference in the look and feel of the home.  If architecturally, there’s an oddity to a room, the way we design the furniture arrangement compensates for that and it can go unnoticed. The architecture plans for the models we work with are done and approved before we even get involved in the project. So we have no choice but to make the most of it, and we know that many problems can be solved with furniture placement.

This layout is a clever furniture solution to a very narrow room.  To expand the seating we did a sectional with a bench at the dining table. Source: The Row by Chameleon Design