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large bedroom with blue velvet bed

Patterned Accent Flooring for Impactful Spaces

When it comes to creating an attention-grabbing interior design, floors have the power to transform a space entirely. Incorporating a unique and textural pattern in the form of carpet or tile can instantly turn a space into a showstopper. While accent walls have their place, utilizing the foot space as an eye-catcher adds a fresh twist to a room that may otherwise be neutral. One approach we adore is pairing a patterned floor with a lightly patterned accent wall—just as long as the colors remain relatively neutral and complementary. This combination creates an intriguing and textural environment that is visually captivating. In smaller spaces, bold and high-contrast patterns on the floor work exceptionally well, making a strong statement. In larger rooms, opting for smaller or more subtle overall floor patterns adds elegance while maintaining an element of intrigue. Exploring the impact of pattern and texture in the form of accent flooring will always result in an unforgettable and stylish interior.