Living the Van Life

Living the Van Life

You won’t find Shaggy or Scooby Doo in one of these rides, but those-in-the-know are converting vans into epic transports for road tripping or even — gasp! — tiny homes. And why not? You get to define life on your own terms and experience the freedom of the open road — all in approximately 50 efficient square feet. We had the opportunity to recraft an airstream for Great Parks Neighborhood and now we’re obsessed! (Can you say, “Yes, we van!”) Although van life is small in size, it’s big in design potential. From retrofitting a van with porthole windows to give it a nautical feel, to installing a rooftop solar system that gives them endless energy options, to planning a well-designed kitchen and bed, vanlifers are finding that they don’t have to compromise style to gain a home sweet (traveling) home.

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RV, Francois et Moi

Airstream, Lynne Knowlton

Cargo Van, The Vanual

School Bus, Trebventure

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