How to Keep Your Home Looking Up To Date

How to Keep Your Home Looking Up To Date

We love trends as much as the next designer, but unfortunately trends eventually go out of style, leaving an outdated look in their wake. Luckily, we have some tricks up our sleeves that will allow you to indulge in the best trends of the season, while assuring your home stays fresh and up to date.

Pick a Neutral Color Palette

Selecting a neutral color palette for the main areas of your home will allow for the perfect base, while giving you the opportunity to layer in changing trends that can easily be removed if they begin to feel dated.



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Find Your Personal Design Style

Tapping into your personal style can help you decipher which home decor trends to lean towards and which to avoid. Consider the colors and textures you gravitate towards and work them into your existing pieces and palette. This should take you beyond the trends and leave you with pieces that are timeless.

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Opt for small pieces instead of entire rooms

When incorporating a trend into your interior design it is important to note that small is better. Sure, that Spanish tiled bathroom might look fabulous now, but will you still love it in a year? Small trending accents, such as throw pillows, are great ways to pay homage to a trend without overdoing it. Rooms that are themed tend to go out of style quickly.

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Choosing functional pieces and remodel choices will help to create a timeless effect to your home. The more functional your home and furniture is, the more timeless your design becomes. Select furniture that fits with your lifestyle and that of your family and you won’t need to buy new pieces every few years!


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