Home Design Trend // Family Friendly Coffee Tables

Home Design Trend // Family Friendly Coffee Tables

Finding the perfect coffee table that works for the whole family and is stylish is just what this trend is about. When designing homes for families, it is important to find beautiful yet family functional coffee tables. Check out some of our favorites for some inspiration.


The classic coffee table is big enough for everyone, extra storage and it’s easy to clean. Now that is family friendly.


We think this coffee table pulls the room together, it provides extra storage, more room for decoration and a flat space for kids to do homework on.


Round tables are great if you have little ones running around, no sharp edges! Plus this one has additional space underneath for storage.

This type of coffee table is good for a big family or for families with a lot of friends, it can be one or multiple tables for homework, eating spaces or whatever you need.

Using a unique material adds flare but it also has a softer texture for any kids who might bump into it.