Hip Houseplants

Hip Houseplants

Whether you have a green thumb or not, great houseplants really do round out a room.  Two or three plants in your most used rooms will not only freshen up the look, but also the quality of air in your home too, which is a nice bonus.  Plants can act as accessories that are just as important to the overall feel of the room as a piece of art or an amazing piece of furniture.  Not to mention the color accent and beauty of green foliage that they provide for your space!  If you are looking for design ideas to add a little life and greenery to your home, then check out our roundup of hip houseplants.

Large Varieties:
A large variety that will act as a green sculpture in the room, adding shape and liveliness to the interior. For these, maintenance is key—remember to wipe smooth-surface leaves regularly with a damp cloth and trim off dead or dying bits.  And it’s best to keep the plant contained in a plastic pot tucked inside a decorative one.  That way if it bites the dust, you can replace it easily.  We love Steve Wolff & Associates Interior Plant Design if you’d like some assistance with bringing some greenery indoors: Find more information on their website here: Swolff. com.   According to their plant experts, the most popular larger indoor varieties include: Fiddle Leaf Figs (Ficus Iyata), Palms, such as Kentia, Fishtail and Rhapis (Hardy plants) Dracena, Yuccas, Character Marginata and Zamifolia (Zamia).

 Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree


 Three Palm Varieties


Smaller Varieties:
When choosing a houseplant, you want to consider its light requirements to what you can provide at home.  Most plants will prefer a room bathed in light to flourish, though not necessarily direct sunlight. Bright morning sunlight is just right. However, if you have a shady spot that’s crying out for a plant, species such as Sansevieria (also known as snake plants) are very tolerant, not to mention quite hip. Another very tolerant plant that does well indoors with little watering or care are Succulents. They are rapidly becoming the cool, low-maintenance way to bring plants inside. Nurseries and retailers nationwide are offering unique combinations of these interesting plants in assorted dishes and planters.