High and Low- Mixing High End With Affordable

High and Low- Mixing High End With Affordable

You don’t have to spend a fortune for a high-end look at home. Interior designers commonly cater to wealthy clientele, but good design isn’t about spending a lot of money. Good design is about having the things that you love around you. The key is to bring together different elements into your interiors, complementing a mix of the high end furnishings and decorative accents with the lower design foundations.

The most important thing for a room to work is to have harmony and balance. It doesn’t matter what the individual pieces within the room cost. While everything in the room doesn’t need to match or be of the same price point and quality, they do want to relate to each in some way as part of the overall design. Don’t worry about matching things perfectly. Mixing the old with the new gives your rooms their personality. In fact, mixing high end furnishings with the lower price points makes your decorating more fun.

Furniture pieces themselves can combine the best of both high and low end design features. You can easily make your living space look lavish, with many of the decorative items scattered throughout the rooms purchased from budget-friendly stores.When shopping at stores like Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn, pick a few pieces from each instead of outfitting an entire room with one look. Mix it up, be patient and shop around. What makes a room look rich and expensive, no matter what the budget, is time.

Key Elements:
Two areas to pick up on the vibe of an upscale space include: window treatment fabric or styling and furniture arrangement. Other things to notice in a luxurious interior design space are the sense of warmth, coziness, soft fabrics or the minimal use of fabrics.

A beautiful, unique room scheme has an unfolding drama. It has elegant shapes and finishes throughout such as: glass, mirror, metals, wood and quality upholstered furniture. Shop and look for design possibilities. If you have a budget that is low, lean and limited, do not despair. For an affordable version of a designer space, in addition to the stores we previously mentioned, pick up home furnishings at furniture clearance sales and bargain shop at big department stores.

Know When to Splurge:
Splurge on decorative accessories that give a high-end look. Great lighting, pillows and rugs may cost a bit more, but can be mixed with less expensive furniture that still looks amazing.