Happy Holidays from Chameleon Design!

Happy Holidays from Chameleon Design!


Gift Wrapping Style

If you’re in need of some fun ideas for wrapping gifts we have you covered! Here are some of our favorites that you’ll find underneath our Christmas tree this year:

Ornament Toppers
This is really two gifts in one and the options are endless. We love using simple and inexpensive brown kraft paper so the ornament stands out as the star.  Another thing to note is that ornaments are typically on sale the week of Christmas.

Photo: Little Market

Go Green!
Google a how-to video on the Japanese art of Furoshiki (fabric folding) to wrap up your gifts.  You can use anything from vintage napkins, scarves or fabrics to wrap the most beautiful (and simple) presents using this technique and the best part is that no paper will go to waste.

Photo: Green Living Ideas

Trim Your Tree:
Since we’re nearing the end of the holiday season, I’m sure your tree won’t mind lending you a few snippets of greenery to deck out your gifts. All you need for this idea is some simple paper, twine, string or ribbon and some greens to place on top.

Photo: Odessa May Society