Easy Tips to Make Your Home Look More Polished

Easy Tips to Make Your Home Look More Polished

Whether perking up your living room or furnishing a new home, what’s not to love about hiring a professional interior designer? However, if it’s not in your budget we have some tricks up our sleeves that are simple enough to do on your own. Here are some of our favorite and inexpensive ways to make your home look more polished:

Layer Your Rugs

Nothing says comfort and style like multiple layers under your feet. In this room, a woven patterned rug is layered over a larger sisel rug.

Photo: Pinterest

Hang Drapes High and Wide

Hanging your drapes close to the ceiling and wider than the window frame is the trick to creating a bigger, taller and airier space.

Photo: Chameleon Design

Photo: Chameleon Design

Display Books

Books are the greatest accessories ever, as they have the ability to add warmth to any room. Stack and intermix tomes with fun objects for an instantly polished look.

Photo: Pinterest

Avoid Being too Matchy-matchy

Different textures make any interior look more expensive. Combine sisal, leather, metal, linen, glass and different fabrics to make a simple space seem as if it’s been curated by a professional.

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Throw Some Pillows

Accent pillows can look high-end but are super easy on your wallet. They’re a perfect low-risk chance to play around with color and pattern.


Photo: Chameleon Design

Include a Statement Plant

The fiddle leaf fig is beloved by design pros for its large size, lollipop shape and cheery shade of green. Adding it or a similar big green plant to a room will instantly inject color into an otherwise mostly neutral palette.

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