Decorating With Kids in Mind

Decorating With Kids in Mind

When you have kids, your home and decorating style definitely change a bit.   You need to take them into consideration when making decorating choices, otherwise, you may live to regret your purchases they don’t hold up well to the wear and tear of kids. And, you probably don’t want to increase your cleaning chores or spend even more time keeping your kids away from or off of certain items!   I don’t believe you have to become a minimalist…don’t take every item off the coffee table, tear the curtains down, and pack away all of the nick-knacks yet.  It’s fun to incorporate their toys and activities into your decorating theme!  Try to compromise with whatever element you feel is delightful and attractive to your children, but never go whole hog into a kid theme.  Bridge the aesthetic gap between child and adult.  Just because you have children doesn’t mean you have to give up sophisticated design.

Flooring may be on your decorating list. Kids and carpet are often not a good combination. Ceramic tiles or laminated floors may be a more practical choice. If you have your heart set on carpet, consider using carpet tiles. These can be replaced easily if one becomes stained or torn.

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Window & Wall Coverings:
Your choice of window coverings is extremely important because those with cords are hazards for little children. Be sure to choose cordless varieties. And think twice before buying long curtains that pool on the floor. They won’t look as nice after your child has stepped on them hundreds of times or even climbed them. Valances are good since your children won’t be able to reach them.

Wall coverings come in several kid-friendly varieties. Some paint manufacturers market paints specifically for households with children. Good semi gloss paint also works well since it can be wiped clean. Flat paints can’t be wiped without leaving a mark, but they can be touched up easily. Decide whether you prefer wielding a damp cloth or a paintbrush to get marks off of your walls. Some wallpapers are developed with kids in mind. At least get wallpaper that is scrubbable so you can wipe off marks with a damp cloth.

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Another fun tip: instead of artwork, try using wall decals in kids’ rooms.  They are safe and removable, and indestructible. And when the kids are older, the decals will peel right off without damaging the paint job.



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Shared Areas:
Choose textiles for couches and chairs that can be easy cleaned or those that don’t show marks.  create a family room that is perfect setting for entertaining guests and equally fitting for popcorn and movies with the whole family.

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Family time around the dinner table is an important part of family life. Look for a dining table that works for both kids and adults.

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Bedroom & Nursery:
When designing for children, it’s important to consult the child within ourselves.  Consider buying grown-up pieces that have whimsy and personality, and will grow with the room as your child grows—and stay away from themes.  It’s also nice to involve your child in the decision-making process. Not only is it a great opportunity to teach them about the power of editing and compromise, but they will respect and appreciate their room all the more because it will really feel like their own.

We sometimes find that trying to decorate in a “kid” style feels constrained and forced.  Consider using proper furniture in kids’ bedrooms- things that inspire and interest them.  Think great art, cool furniture, and interesting shapes and textures that are enlivening and inspiring.

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If you want your baby’s room to look neat, get the bones right.  Two pieces of furniture that match, like a crib and changing table, will get you going in the right direction. Invest in a good wool carpet- you can always clean it. And one good-looking lamp does wonders in a kid’s room.  No matter how messy it gets are how many toys stack up in there, you will have an elegant and coherent room underneath it all, and that will always shine through.

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You don’t want to have to close the doors to the kids rooms.  Storage is key for hiding some of the plastic stuff you hate to look at—because even if you swear it will never cross the threshold of your house, it will.  The secret is to let it go and embrace your child’s presence in the home.

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By decorating your home with your kids in mind, you can have a beautiful, low-maintenance home while reducing the time you have to spend policing your kids.