Color Turns February Into Fabulous

Color Turns February Into Fabulous

Color is such a mood changer. Just adding a spray of colorful flowers can change a sad corner into a happy space you will love walking by throughout the day. But many aren’t sure how to integrate color. Don’t be afraid—be bold!

Introduce Color in Unexpected Places
If you have a color story that is happening in blues and aqua with whites then you may want to use orange as an accent—hang artwork with highlights of orange, drape an orange throw on a chair, or set out orange candy in the candy dish Those pops of color will move your eye around a room and make your look complete. On a pristine desk place a container with turquoise pencils for a fun accent or hang a chandelier that is yellow for a more dramatic effect! Little touches of color can help get you in the mood for spring, which is just around the corner…

Paint or Paper an Accent Wall to Add Interest
Adding color using an accent wall by painting or using wall paper can spruce up any room. Just do one wall—like the back wall behind the sofa or bed. It’s easy to do in a day, but big on the effect!

How do you bring color into your home?