Collecting Lust

Collecting Lust

Less isn’t always more. Rooms are often made all the more alluring with the help of coveted collections. Arranged on a fireplace mantel, hung on the wall, or displayed on a console, collections of objects and art can bring a living room to life by injecting it with a homeowner’s personality. Adding collections to a home’s interior design scheme not only communicates individual passions and pursuits, but also creates a distinctive decorative statement that visitors won’t see anywhere else. An eclectic collection, from paintings to seashells to globes, can dramatically inject your home with heaps of style.

My personal collections include:  art glass paperweights, mid-century modern bottles and other glass art from that period, white pottery caves starting from the 1940’s, and globes.


A collection of globes placed on a table or shelf lends to a room’s playfulness, while also adding color. Viewed individually, any one of the pieces might not be so dramatic, but when clustered tightly together, the whole arrangement makes an especially striking statement.


In this living room a collection of photographs are united by simple black frames. As a collection, the many pieces are made more impressive by being displayed at different levels—on the wall, against a picture rail, and scattered across the floor.


Objects such as hats and weather vanes become wall art when grouped in a collection.