Chameleon Design Is Getting A New Home

Chameleon Design Is Getting A New Home

We’re taking you behind the scenes of our studio construction and design in progress!

We’ve acquired a new space for Chameleon Design and we’re working hard on building out and creating our new design offices. Throughout the process, some unexpected design dilemmas have come up and we’ve had to put our heads together to come up with the best ways to address them. Read about how we handled them, as the tips may come in handy in your design adventures as well!

Comfort and Functionality:
When designing a new space, professional designers have to think about functionality before we even begin to consider furniture and decor elements. In our space, which was built with a contemporary feel, the walls between each room and office do not go all the way to the ceiling. This may look cool, but in actuality this is not ideal for offices. The open space can allow sound to travel, as well as make temperatures hard to control. There is nothing more miserable than too much noise or being too hot or cold when you’re trying to get your work done! We came up with a concept to put clear glazing on the upper areas that look almost like windows, and reach to the ceiling. This way the light is still able to travel through, allowing that airy feel to remain, but sound is kept at a low.

For the storage room, we decided to add a door and an air conditioner vent, and make this the home of the computer system. No one wants to see the ugly wires all over the place, so tucking all of this away is a great idea. This was most definitely the best use of the storage closet.

We mainly think of hiring a professional designer to make things look pretty in the home. Though that is definitely important, making sure the space is functional ranks just as high. If you need to re-think the function of any spaces in your home, Chameleon Design can help you do it.

Stay tuned through the coming weeks for more updates on the progress of this project!