A Living Room Makeover: Tips on What You Can Do Now to Improve the Look

A Living Room Makeover: Tips on What You Can Do Now to Improve the Look

Your living room is the focal point of your house.  It should accentuate your beautiful interiors and designs.  If you feel like yours might need a little work, it might be time for a makeover!  Giving your living room a makeover can be a fairly simple project, but the results can be drastic and satisfying if you do it right.  Changing the look can do a lot for your mood and make the room more inviting too. Take a weekend to achieve a completely new ambiance, or take on some of the ideas one at a time for an evolving project.  Most of these ideas require minimal do-it-yourself skills.   Change is good. Why not look around your home and see the possibilities?

Re-Arrange the Furniture
Make a wide open space feel homey by arranging chairs and sofas close together and away from the walls. Just make sure you include plenty of space for traffic flow. Add a central piece, such as an area rug, to help define the area and eliminate “floating” furniture.

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Painting the living room is a big project in terms of time and effort, but is actually quite inexpensive. Two or three gallons of paint will do for even a large living room that requires two coats. Add some accent colors, brushes, rollers and paint trays, and you’re set to go for under $100. To make this idea really effective, choose colors other than off-white. Look at some of the colors you have used in your decorating and find one intense color that you really like. Use it on one wall and select a complementary color for the other walls.

Today’s wide selection of slipcovers makes it easier than ever to change the look of a room. The fabrics, colors and designs can fit almost any size couch, love seat or chair you may have.   And once you decide on a color scheme, changing your throw pillows is next. This can be done simply with pillow shams that can slip over existing throw pillows. If you would prefer new pillows, you can do that as well. Maybe you can recycle your living room throw pillows by using them in another room.

Quick makeovers can also be accomplished by changing the window coverings. The color of the blinds, curtains or whatever you have on your windows can totally change the mood of the room. Curtains can be as simple as two rectangles of fabric attached to a curtain pole with rings. If you want to be a little more creative, line the curtains with a contrasting color and add curtain tie-backs. When you pull the curtains back, the lining will show, adding interest to the window treatments.

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Add Accessories
Dress up a neutral room with accessories.  Look for statement pieces, such as a wall sculpture or mirror, to create a sophisticated vibe.  Keep furniture simple, but accent it with a boldly patterned rug.  Color accents will add a punch of color that may be needed, but don’t distract from the statement pieces.  Art can also make a huge difference.  What do you have hanging on your walls? Maybe you are getting tired of the look you have going and switching the art work will completely change the look and feel of the room.   And don’t forget to think about pieces that you currently have in other rooms.  Maybe you want to swap them out into your living room. That is always another way to give the room a new look.

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Consider Your Space
Prevent a small living room from looking cramped by choosing the right furniture. Exposed chair legs and airy coffee tables make even the smallest spaces look larger. Keep accessories simple so they don’t overtake the delicate feel of the furniture.   If you have a wood floor, clean and polish it to a high shine. Have your carpet professionally cleaned or use an off-the-shelf product to do it yourself. Add an area rug to define the conversation area. If you don’t have a conversation area, make one by arranging a sofa, a coffee table and one or two chairs in a space small enough so that you can easily hear someone sitting anywhere in the conversation area speaking in a normal voice. Try to coordinate the colors of your walls, rug, curtains and upholstery with each other.

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A room makeover can be drastic but a change for the better. If you need assistance with a makeover for any room in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help!